Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Back to school!!!

As usual, I am running behind on posting my blog – but as a reward for your patience, I’ll pick a winner from the comments and send you an autographed set of The Citizens Police Academy series. The third book, ONCE A COP, is out this month!

This month I have an excuse for running behind – it’s that whole struggle of getting back into the routine of school mornings. YAY – the kids are back in school! Of course that somehow translates into homework for me – all those papers parents are supposed to thoroughly read and sign. My children know me so well that they just show me the line for my signature.

Yesterday was their first day back. Unlike the moms I envy who have those mimosa parties to celebrate the kids’ return to school, I celebrated by writing with no distractions. (Well, other than the cat and dog who were bored with no kids home.) Being able to focus only on my book was wonderful and reminded me how much I LOVE to write. Sometimes, when I’m juggling deadlines with demanding teenagers, I forget that writing is so much more than a job to me.

Sharing my stories with readers was a dream I’ve had since I was much younger than my girls are now. Even now, with my eighteenth book out this month, it’s hard to believe the dream I had for so long finally came true. So last night, as I rushed around the grocery store buying stuff for lunches (don’t ask what they took yesterday) I stopped in the book section and stared in awe at my book – with that gorgeous cover – on the shelves among all those other books.

And I realized that I’ve probably taught my kids a more valuable lesson than anything they’re going to learn in their classes this year. I’ve taught them to never give up on their dreams -- that they do come true!

Happy Reading & Writing!



Mint said...

I personally am glad that your writing dream has come true because I always enjoy your books. My kids are grown now but my grandkids are scattered from 8th grade to 1st grade. I also have one that just started pre-school yesterday. She's a pistol so I am sure she kept them hopping. Then I have one that is almost six months old that spent 4 months in the NICU. She's our miracle baby. Born at 23 weeks and 1lb 2.7 oz. She is now a whopping 5lb 10 oz but she is doing great.

Linda Henderson

Lisa Childs said...


Thank you! I'm so glad your miracle baby is doing so well! That has to be a dream come true, too! And I bet the "pistol" had a blast at pre-school.

Laura Bradford said...

YES THEY DO!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a lesson I hope I'm teaching my girls (14 and almost 11), too!!!

And it IS a gorgeous cover, btw!

Laney4 said...

"As usual, I am running behind on posting my blog." Well, Girlfriend, you are not alone. Yesterday I finally mailed my sister her birthday present -- her birthday was May 8. Mind you, she WAS away for the month of June, but THAT was terrible of me! So ... don't think so badly about yourself ... there are others MUCH further behind than you!

"... all those papers parents are supposed to thoroughly read and sign." Been there; done that. I finally started keeping my kids' health insurance numbers written on a separate list so that I could pull the list with the numbers and anything else necessary out every September and rewrite the numbers everywhere applicable. I found it a pain in the you-know-what going to find their health numbers every year, as they were buried in my purse so as not to lose their health cards.

"... just show me the line for my signature." I realize that schools usually just change the date of the same letters year after year, so I bet it is more like skimming and looking for surprises.

"... their first day back." I remember when my youngest was finally integrated into the regular school system and went to school for her first full day. (She had a learning disability so attended a special daycare/school until halfway through Senior Kindergarten.) I had tears in my eyes as I walked out the main doors of the school. I held back my tears until I got in my car. I drove home and walked in the front door. Closed it. Screamed "Yee haw" (or something like that) at the top of my lungs. I definitely had mixed feelings that day.

"... juggling deadlines with demanding teenagers." Been there; done that too. My kids are now almost 24 and 22. They both live at home paying room and board while working full-time. They bought their first cars with cash from their own earnings (two years ago and last year, respectively). I feel like I'm on Easy Street now that I am no longer their taxi driver. To me, THAT is where I have received my freedom! So ... this too will pass, Lisa.

Yes, dreams do come true. Thanks for sharing your dreams with all of us!

EllenToo said...

Lisa--Just wanted to say that I have read all of the Police Academy books including "Once A Cop" and have really enjoyed them.
Dreams do come true altho not always the way you dreamed them but sometimes better.

PamStone said...

Lisa, congrats on the 8th book. Great cover. I can only dream of selling that many. But I'm on number two. WooHoo! Dreams do come true and although my boys are older, I think me finally selling a book after all these years of following that dream has inspired them to follow their dreams too. My youngest even considers writing from time to time. My oldest wants to work on old clocks as a career at some point. For now we all have our day jobs to pay the bills.

I don't envy you guys all those papers to sign, homework to help with, little dramas to attend. But it was a good time in my life, at least looking back from here.

My current dream - to be able to make enough writing to give up the day job.

Lisa Childs said...

Laney, I know, like the Trace Adkins song says, I'm going to miss this! LOL! Thanks for commiserating!

Laura, it's a cool lesson to pass on, isn't it?

Pam, you're living the dream, too! Love that your son is inspired to write. Neither of my girls have any interest in writing -- although I think my sixteen year old is in denial. At least she's denying me. We're too much alike for her not to be a writer, too, I think. :)

Have a great rest of the day!

nicolerko said...

I'm glad you realized your dream because your books are good. I loved your Wedding Party series.

I'm glad my back to school days are done, how I dreaded going back to school.

Estella said...

Your books are great reading!
I am so glad my kids are now dealing with their kids starting school.

CC Coburn said...

Congratulations on the release of your 18th book, Lisa! golly how many years in the furture will that be for me? (big grin) I'm looking forward to reading Once a Cop.
I hear you on the going back to school grind. I never understood moms who complained about school holidays. Yay, to not having to get up early! Yay to not having to do the school run (esp. before the caffeine fix)! Yay to not having to check homework, fill out useless forms, sign them, attend functions when I'd rather be home writing, etc. etc. Yay, to no routine! You won't know yourself once they can drive themselves to school, Lisa. That was a *huge* relief for me.

Lisa Childs said...

Welcome to American! I'm sure you'll get to that 18th book before you know it! I sure did. :)

Lisa Childs said...

And the winner is (drum roll...)

Linda Henderson!

Linda, please email me your address at

and I'll put the autographed set of books in the mail!

Thanks to everyone for participating on the blog!


Mint said...

Thank you so much. I really appreciate the books.

Linda Henderson