Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Has Spring Sprung?

It certainly seemed so here in middle America yesterday, with the temperature topping out at eighty degrees. The day promised to be a beautiful and fun one with plans to go to our outstanding county zoo. Until we arrived, that is, to find long lines in the middle of the afternoon. My #2 daughter, Lyndsay, her hubby and their three little ones were already inside, after waiting in line for over an hour to pay admission. My youngest daughter and I were waiting in the ticket line with my oldest daughter’s daughter, when Lyndsay and family came out. It seems they had problems seeing the animals and exhibits, and people were rude, pushing ahead in front of small children for a better view. We decided to call it a day before it even began and opted for some time in one of the parks near our home. The little ones enjoyed climbing on the play equipment, and I enjoyed being outside on such a lovely day. Once summer arrives, we’ll find a day to try again, probably with much better results. The moral? Don’t try going to the zoo on the best day of spring break week.

I’m really, really hoping Spring has sprung!


penney said...

Sounds like you all had a lovely trip.
My youngest last winter planted some flower bulbs and they are now coming up she has some others that are flowering out it's so pretty. Here in LA Ca we don't get much of a winter! I would love snow!

Linda Warren said...

Spring has definitely sprung in Texas. Beautiful weather.