Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy 25th--Congrats Jackie!

Okay, I'm posting this below Jackie's post because she's being far too modest. Jacqueline Diamond has been writing for the line since 1984. (Did you catch that?) That's 24 years. And her January 2009 release is her 65th for Harlequin. Wow.

I got the great privilege to be there in New York when she received a milestone pin from Harlequin, and I hope to be there to see the one for 65 books. Harlequin packed me with Jackie and Kara Lennox in the American Royalty series...which was my very third book! I couldn't have asked for better authors to be with in a continuity series...they helped to launch this newbie. I will forever be grateful.

So lots of comments please for the post above, for a stalwart of the line and one who been there with it every step of the way. Jackie, you are young at heart and fresh as ever.

So congrats Jackie! You are awesome! Cyber champagne on me.

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Jacqueline Diamond said...

Dear Michele,
I just returned from a trip to China and saw your post. Thank you so much! You've been a great supporter of your fellow authors and it's much appreciated.