Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rain, Snakes & Never-Ending Dirty Clothes!!

First off, hugs to all of you in Texas and Louisiana hurting from Ike. Here in Tulsa, we had plenty driving wind and rain, but thankfully, no damage as we're still waiting to get our roof repaired from the last batch of hail!!

This month's pic is from the twins' sixteenth birthday blow-out! We hired local legend (and hottie!!) Safari Joe to bring all of his exotic critters to our house. Fun, fun, fun!! This is me with Banana the ginormous python!!

Now that the sweet sixteen party is over, there's nothing much to report here. I've settled into a fragile routine at school. I say fragile, because at any given moment, you never know what (or who) may go wrong!! LOL!!

Hubby just returned from Seattle. While I was stuck at school till eight some nights grading, he was indulging in plenty of lakeside fine dining. Color me JEALOUS!! Although, while he was gone, the kids and I did plenty of fine dining all our own at Sonic and Domino's!!

All three kiddos are now driving, and we've already had our first trauma. Over Labor Day weekend, Daughter was supposed to have been spending the weekend with a friend at Grand Lake. Sunday night, she called about eight-thirty, announcing that she'd be home in a few minutes as one of the friends she'd gone with had to take team pics at eight in the morning. Eight AM? On Labor Day? We've been on lots of teams, and that didn't sound right. Anyway, when she arrived all dolled up and doling out hugs and kisses, my Mom Alarm was ringing.

Not ten minutes after she'd come home, we got more hugs and kisses, then she announced she was going to watch movies at a friend's. Mmm hmm. Making a long story short, we found her at her boyfriend's--not good, considering she was grounded from him at the time. Not a week after having earned her keys, she lost them.

Hubby and I just got back from breakfast at Denny's and a trip to Wal-Mart for laundry supplies. We also purchased nice, big hampers for the kids to put their mountains of dirty clothes in. Today, while I write, they're going to do their own laundry. Hubby's been a sweetheart, doing most of it for me since I've been back at school, but we're both exhausted. We figure this will be excellent training for when they go off to college. Hubby said his first college load turned pink!!

Anyway, wish us luck in giving laundry lessons! One thing's for sure, no one's touching my clothes!! LOL


Christa said...

What, you don't want pink clothes?
Sounds like daughter is testing how far she can push you

Anonymous said...

Lesson one is the biggie:sorting! Wash red stuff together with other red stuff. I never trust red stuff no matter how many times it's been washed.


Megan Kelly said...

Glad to hear someone else is just now teaching their kids about laundry. All my friends' kids have been doing laundry, at least towels, since they were ten! When I first married and taught my dh MY way to do laundry, he shrunk my jeans. Now, I might not be able to zip them from day to day, but I knew I hadn't grown an inch and a half overnight! Not letting anyone touch your clothes is the safest bet.