Monday, August 06, 2007

Be prepared

Hi guys,
Later in the week I’m heading off for Las Vegas for a long weekend. And let me tell you, I don’t travel light. In fact, I’m usually prepared for anything that could be thrown my way. There’s a really good reason for that little bit of OCD. Let me tell you about a couple of times I was remiss in my packing. Sheesh! I hate it when I do that.

Several years ago I was in Chicago and got caught in a frog stranger-rain, thunder, lightening, the whole enchilada. By the time I made it to my destination, I looked like I’d been swimming in Lake Michigan. How about that for making a great impression? My next humiliating experience happened in New Orleans. I can hear you all saying-what, anything goes in the Big Easy. Yeah, normally that’s true. But even during Mardi Gras walking around with a man’s long underwear shirt wrapped around your head is a wee bit unusual. That actually wasn’t my fault!! It was sunny when I left my house (an hour away). Too bad I didn’t watch the weather forecast. Are you seeing the pattern here? Rain. No umbrella. LOL Now I live in the Pacific Northwest and I always have a bumbershoot handy (for you desert dwellers that’s an umbrella).

But the worst of the worst was the planning conference fiasco. In the middle of the night there was a fire alarm and we had to evacuate the hotel. My roomie had matching robe, slippers, yada, yada. I, on the other hand, had on a little pink Teddy. I didn’t even own a robe at the time. About three flights down my friend grabbed a tablecloth and shoved it my face. That’s how I ended up standing out on the street-with all my colleagues- wearing nothing but my pink teddy and a burgundy tablecloth. Did I get a few strange looks? Oh, yeah!

So, now you know why when I travel I’m prepared for heat or cold, rain or drought, and just about any kind of ailment you can imagine. Ditto for my characters.
Enjoy the rest of the summer, and be prepared.
Ann DeFee

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Summer After Summer, Harlequin Everlasting Love, September 2007
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Estella said...

I also live in the Pacific Northwest. I have a bumbershhot on the front porch, one on the back deck and one in my car. It pays to be prepared.

Christa said...

I usually end up being unprepared for some kind of weather ailment becase my packing went amiss.
And I do own a robe but forgot to pack it last trip. Luckily no fire alarms went off

ABamaBecky said...

I'm still laughing from the mental picture of you in a pink teddy wrapped in a that would be a great start for a book! The first time he lays eyes on her she is disheveled from sleep, wearing a pink teddy covered by a burgundy tablecloth!! I'd love to read the rest of that story!!

Patricia W. said...

Most folks don't think about getting caught in an emergency when they stay in a hotel. Something to keep in mind...

catslady said...

And add a hospital trip to that. I haven't kept hospital wear since my child rearing days. What is really strange is that I had just bought my first real pair of pajamas in like forever and a week later I had that emergency trip - almost like I had a forewarning - creepy lol. I much prefer your tablecloth story lol.