Thursday, December 14, 2006

Poor Santa's Under Attack!!!!

Ahhh . . . Don't you just love this time of year? Deadline's looming, teen son's shooting Nerf dart's at Santa's Village, hot water heater busted, cookies burning, brakes going out on the car. AAGGHH!!!!

Actually, now that I've turned in my latest book, I can't wait to let the holidays commence!!! We're starting off this Friday night with the Holly Ball--my kids' high school's version of winter prom. Tonight, we pick up tuxes, and last night, Daughter and I spent getting her fingers, toes and eyebrows done. Friday night, a big crew is stopping by our house for a light meal and pics, then we're off to the big dance.

Daughter's freshman class prez, so I've been informed that I'm required to work. Do I get a fun job, like making sure no one's dirty dancing?? Nooooo. I'm stuck in the coat room!!!! Here in Tulsa, it's supposed to be sixty-five today and Friday. How many coats do you think I'm going to get? Hmm . . . At least I'll have time to catch up on my reading!!!

Our whole family is seriously looking forward to Christmas this year for a very special reason--drum roll, please!! Any of you who used to read my blog before I vanished, may have wondered why I vanished. Well, here's my official reason . . . I had a baby!!!!! He's 6'-1", has a full head of blond hair, a few scraggly whiskers he's quite proud of, and a full set of teeth!! Needless to say, the labor was rough!! LOL!!!

Okay, now for the true version. We've known this boy for years, known he had a rough home life, but we didn't know the true extant. In early September, he asked our son if he could stay with us for a week or two, as his mom had been evicted. We said, of course. Making a long, sad, sad story short, I used to tease him when he first came that I was keeping him forever--and a judge just made it official!!! I've been an angsty mess while waiting for our court date. What this boy has been through makes me all kind of crazy, and worry that he might have to return to that kind of life has pretty much consumed me.

Anyway, from here on out, we're hoping for a happily ever after--except for poor, Santa back at his village!!! I've heard nasty rumors that Son #1 is planning a late night Nerf football attack!!!


Marin Thomas said...

Laura Marie, Thanks for sharing such a heart-warming story! And congratulations on the addition of a new family member. I wish there were more people in the world willing to open their hearts and homes to those in need. Your true-life story could be used in an American Romance--how cool is that!

Laura Marie Altom said...

Hey Sweetie!

Thanks for the congrats!! Our final court paperwork came yesterday, so I got to re-enroll him at school. I asked the registrar what to put under "relationship to child", and she said "parent". EEK!!!

The whole experience has made all of us so much more aware of--and grateful--for our blessings. Having always been in a stable, warm and loving family, I've never realized what a gift it is!!