Saturday, November 17, 2012

Holiday Cheer...or Not

This begins the season of holiday parties, and you know all the good things they include.  I'll steer away from the dangerous topics of casseroles and desserts and chocolate—although really, those are some of my favorite subjects for discussion at any time of the year!

Instead, let's talk about gifts. 

Not the kind you love to give.  The kind you love to give away.  You know, in those grab bags and games you play where everyone receives a gift from an anonymous giver.

One year I participated in a "Silly Santa" grab bag and received a pair of fuzzy animal slippers.  Envision this:  they were purple, with red eyes and long black claws, and—I'm not kidding—from front to back, they were two feet long.

Let's just say I found them...



The slippers received a lot of attention at that particular Christmas party.  And you'd better believe they went right into the very next grab bag I could find.  (grin)  The winner absolutely loved them and wore them the rest of the night. 

Obviously, one person's "umm...spectacular" is another person's favorite gift.

To be fair, these games—and gifts—aren't all bad.  I'll admit I've been lucky, too.  At another party, I received a pair of holiday earrings that I still wear during the Christmas season every year.

Got any grab-bag stories, either for the best or worst gift ever?

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who will celebrate it later this week!

All my best to you,



Barbara White Daille
August 2012


BW said...

No story. Just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Barbara White Daille said...

Hi, BW - thanks for popping in.

Have a wonderful Turkey Day!


linda s said...

Happy Thanksgiving.
Worst grab bag present - peeing Satna clauses. Yuck!
Not bad grab bag present - water pistols... livened up the party.
Best grab bag present - An Irish Santa coffee mug. Fit into my collection of Irish Santas and it is my Christmas coffee mug for forever.

Barbara White Daille said...

Oh, dear, Linda - your worst is worse than mine. LOL

But how perfect for your best gift--that person really knew you well.

Thanks for sharing!


Amanda Renée said...

Worst gift I ever received was a gift certificate to a massage parlor (yes parlor not a spa). My BF at the time knew how much I despised strange people touching me, yet he thought the perfect gift for me was a full on naked massage with a stranger in a low rent massage parlor. Um, yeah, ok. We broke up very shortly afterwards.

Barbara White Daille said...

Amanda - some people give gifts *they* would want without thinking about what the recipient likes.

They might be better off if their loved ones gave them a shopping list!