Friday, October 12, 2012

The Other Side of Writing

I love to write. Which is to say I live to write. I’ve known I wanted to be an author ever since I penned my first story in the second grade. For a long time, though, writing wasn’t the top priority in my life. Putting food on the table, keeping a roof over our heads, raising my kids—those activities forced my writing into the back seat for a lot longer than I wanted them to.

But now, finally, I’m able to do what I love full time.   

Except...sometimes not.  

This week, a wonderful package arrived at my house. See the Harlequin logo on the side?

Squee! Inside were copies of my December release, Rancher’s Son. Much celebration ensued!
Aren’t they beautiful?

Soon after I finished dancing around with books in my hands,though, it was time to get to work again. But this part of my job as an author didn’t involve much writing.

See, nearly everyone of those advance copies had already been promised—to reviewers, to immediate family, to my editor, my agent. There were contests to enter and books to ship. And ship. And ship. And ship. 

So, away went the notes on the story I was writing, and out came piles of bookmarks, envelopes, tape, scissors, pens, markers and note pads (‘cause my mama said you can’t just slip a book in an envelope, you have to send a note!). Soon, my desk looked like a shipping office.

I have to admit, this isn’t my favorite part of being an author. Oh, I love the notes part, but the shipping? Not so much.

I’ve gotten pretty good at it though because I know that the sooner I finish, the sooner I can get back to what I really want to do—tell the story of how my next hero and heroine overcome the odds to fall in love.

By the way, I do have a few Rancher's Son bookmarks left over. If you'd like one, drop me a line at Include your snail mail addy, and I'll slip one in the mail to you.


Kristen Painter said...

I need to do this too. And...ugh. lol

Laurie Cooper said...

Leigh, for the very first time, I can say I understand what this other side of being a author feels like--at least on a small scale. The promotion end of the business can be exhausting, and I've only gotten a glimpse of it this past week as I've solicited and pleaded for votes for my entry in the SYTYCW contest.

At least you get to hold your book in your hands and keep a few. Hopefully, the promo work will pass quickly. Just keep staring at that adorable cover!

Leigh Duncan said...


You are such a great writer. I can't wait to hear that you've sold and hope that it comes soon!

Brenda Sparks said...

Thanks for giving an insight as to the promotional side of writing. Most readers have no idea how much time an author spends on promotion.

Leigh Duncan said...


And with all the changes in the marketplace, authors have to do more and more. With Harlequin, so much of the marketing plan is already built-in. I consider myself soooo blessed and lucky that I'm a Harlequin author.


Amanda Renée said...

First, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover of that book! Second...GULP...You just opened my eyes to the promotional side of things I didn't really know about. I may be asking you for tips! I have no idea where to begin.