Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Though I have revisions waiting to be done on one book, and another book to be written by December 1, I am still on holiday (or in denial, depending on how you look at it). This week my family drove from Calgary to our new cottage in Polson Montana. One way to get there is by driving through Glacier National Park on the Going-to-the-sun Road. It starts at St. Mary, Montana and ends at the town of West Glacier, about 53 miles. If you ever come this way, it will probably be the slowest 53 miles you ever drive. And the most beautiful. Driving this road is like taking a spectacular mountain hike in a car. First you start driving alongside a beautiful lake and forested roads.
Slowly you rise until you are skimming mountain tops and taking in breathtaking views with vertigo challenging drops just feet from the edge of the road. We stopped for a hike at Logan's Pass, which marks the continental divide. The hike took in some fabulous vistas, but what we got the biggest kick out of were the mountain goats. I've seen them before in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, but I've never been this close before!
photo courtesy of Tessa Binnion

Ah, these lovely final days of summer. What are you doing to enjoy them? (And what work are you putting off to do so?)


Tammy Yenalavitch said...

Hi C.J,

What pretty pictures. My vacation is over. School is back in session and it feels like Fall here except the hot humid weather.

Kaelee said...

This brings back such great memories. My parents lived not too many miles from the border. When you didn't need a passport to cross the border we would take a day trip to Glacier NP and the Going to the Sun highway was quite often a destination at least as far as the summit from the eastern side. The thought of doing this trip again is almost enough to make me go out and get a passport again.

Laney4 said...

So are these the dog days of summer? (sniff, sniff) The summer has blown by so fast.

No vacation this summer. Have hosted or attended several celebrations on weekends, though. My daughter had her 25th birthday on the same day as a good friend had his 50th birthday, so they went out to a local restaurant together to share their favorite pizza. My daughter did the Heimlich Maneuver on a 16-year-old girl who was choking nearby. Thankfully, three abdominal thrusts later, out popped a 2" meatball, and all was good in the world again. The girl came out ahead (obviously), our friend and daughter came out ahead (because I was treating them), and I came out ahead (because the restaurant didn't charge for their meals, so I just had a $5 tip to pay instead). It's a birthday none of them will forget.

CJ Carmichael said...

Oh my gosh Laney--what a story. How wonderful that your daughter kept her head in an emergency and knew what to do.

Kaelee--I miss the days when we didn't need passports and when crossing to and from Canada/USA wasn't such a stressful ordeal.

Tammy--there is something wonderful about school starting up again. I just dropped my eldest off at law school and felt nostalgic for those days...