Thursday, April 05, 2012

Try Something New... Continued

In February, I blogged about trying something new. Here’s my latest unusual experience. The other night, I was invited to a very interesting party. Included in the guest list was an honest-to-goodness medium named Jeffrey Marks. I have always been interested in metaphysical occurrences, those experiences that transcend the five senses, and have experienced a number of paranormal experiences first-hand. I’ll bet many of you have, too.

When it comes to mediums, though, I remain a skeptic. However, I do love good entertainment, and was excited to see Jeff at work. Plus, I just might write a book someday that includes a medium. Oh, how that gets my creative juices flowing. Just imagine what might happen if… But I digress.

I arrived at the party with all sorts of preconceived notionsJeff would be an expert at reading body language and facial expressions. He would take his cues from the way others responded to him. These things may well be true. Face it, we all do take our cues from the way others respond to us. Some of us are better at it than others, and a good medium is surely among the best.

But the evening unfolded in completely different ways than I imagined. Jeff handed out blank cards and invited everyone present to write down a question, specific or general, include their name, and place the card in a bowl. He then drew out the questions one by one, invited the writer of the question to join him in front of the others, and did his thing.

He explained that he didn’t want any information from the person he worked withonly a yes, no or maybebecause talking engages his left brain, and this work requires the use of predominantly his right brain.

Jeff’s process was fascinating to observe. Each mini-session began with him holding the person’s hand for a few seconds in order to connect with their energy. His eyes darted back and forth, never looking at the person, instead seeing the unseen, what I assumed was the energy swirling around. Odd body movements and gestures followed, and continued throughout each mini reading. Sometimes he used a white board to convey crudely-drawn images of what he saw in his mind. Sometimes he got the information wrong and sometimes he was dead-on. Occasionally the wrong person came through, someone who wasn’t related to or involved with the participant. When that happened, Jeff took hold of the person’s hand again and started fresh. He was self-effacing, honest and engaging without being egotistical. At times he had us all in stitches. There were also moments my heart ached for the person he was working with.

All in all, it was a fascinating and wonderful evening. For more information on Jeff, visit

What about you? Have you ever worked with a medium? Do you believe in what they do, or are you a skeptic like me? Please share your thoughts and experiences.

Thanks for joining me, and until next month,

Ann… lover of new and different experiences


Sara said...

I have gone to several mediums in my life - and have no problem in believeing what they do. I used to attend a methaphysical Church - where I received messages from the other side many times.

Ann Roth said...

Very cool, Sarah! Thanks for sharing.

linda s said...

I've never met a medium. But I watched four members of dh family raise a two hundred pound cement bird bath six inches off the ground when they lifted together with just one finger at each corner. When I tried, the three of them lifted and it toppled over on me. Most fascinating.

Ann Roth said...

Oh, Linda! I hope you weren't too injured in that accident. How did you feel, and what do you think it means?