Wednesday, February 08, 2012


As I’ve blogged about before, Texas has been in the worse drought since the fifties. I don’t remember that one, but the last year has been brutal with parched pastures and lakes, ponds and creeks drying up. Everyone has been praying for rain for a solid year. Our prayers have finally been answered. In January we had several small showers and then a two inches rain, but Friday night we got the big one—at least five inches. Along with the rain though came bad weather. We were under a severe thunderstorm watch and then that turned into a tornado warning, which the weatherman was predicting would touch down near our neighborhood.

What do you do when a tornado is headed toward you? Panic is always my first choice, but luckily my husband is very calm. He gathered flashlights, bottled water and carried them to a bathroom in the center of our house. He grabbed a big comforter from the closet. I added Snicker bars. If I’m going to be stuck somewhere, I want a snack.

It was dark and pouring buckets outside, but the TV and lights were still on. Then the TV started beeping with an alert: People in these areas take cover. Our neighborhood was listed. The wind howled and rain pounded our roof, but other than that everything remained the same. The lights and TV stayed on. Strange. Then we got the news that the tornado had touched down about five miles from us. It did a lot of damage, but thankfully no one was hurt. Due to all the stress, I decided to eat a Snickers anyway.

The tornado has been the topic of conversation and it always ends with one sentence: But we got rain. Yes! Look at the difference. Lots of water.

I told my husband we needed to be more prepared. What would you do if a tornado was headed for your house?




kris said...

Oh how terrifying! Thank heaven no one was hurt.

One of my resolutions this year is to be better prepared for emergencies. The CDC did a blog in January - 31 steps to be ready. I'm trying to do 2 or 3 steps each month so by the end of the year, we'll be in good shape. You can find it here:

Good call on the Snickers!!

Linda Warren said...

Thank you!! I will definitely take a look at CDC. There have been too many weather related disasters not to.

Snickers will help to solve any problem. LOL


linda s said...

I would have been frightened. On the west coast we don't get hurricanes or tornados. But we do get fall rain, winter rain and spring rain... We had a whole week of sunshine this week and two year old granbaby pointed to te sun in his eyes and asked - What's that?

Linda Warren said...

Hi, Linda,

We had a sunny week too and then rain was in the forecast. That turned into a severe thunderstorm which whipped up a tornado. I think I'd like living on the west coast.

That's so cute about your grandbaby. He's noticing things. Big yellow blinding things. LOL


Marin Thomas said...

Linda, glad you and hubby were okay. Living in Texas can be stressful with no basements...I remember in Dallas one year taking the kids into an interior hall closet in the afternoon and just praying the tornado would miss the house--it did but it took half the shingles off the roof. Glad you got the rain you needed!

Megan Kelly said...

I live in the tornado belt that stretches across the Midwest. We have tornadoes, wind storms, and the new "micro bursts." New to me, anyway. Every month (first Tuesday, 10 am in my town) is a tornado alert where they run the siren to make sure it works. This month the STL schools practiced what to do in an earthquake (because of the New Madrid Fault perhaps). We had several quakes in Missouri last year. Eeeks
Glad you and your husband got through it okay. Snickers are very comforting. :)

Linda Warren said...

Glad you and the kids got through it. We just kept waiting and that was stressful. Some limbs from our trees broke off, but that was all the damage we had. That was enough.

Linda Warren said...

Oh, Megan, are you constantly stressed? I'd have to carry Snickers in my pocket if I lived in Missouri.

The pictures from the Joplin disaster were heartbreaking. I hope that area is recovering.