Sunday, January 08, 2012


All authors have stories of how they started writing. I’m no different. I’d read so many wonderful Harlequins that I wanted to try my hand at writing one. I had an idea for characters and a plot so I started writing longhand in a spiral notebook (a true panster), just playing with it and enjoying it more than I’d ever thought. I wrote for a solid year when I could and I had about ten notebooks full. I wasn’t sure what to do with them until my husband gave me a computer for Christmas. I was in business. That book, The Silent Cradle, made the rounds of rejection, over and over. I finally put it away and started on another and another, which I never finished, but I was hooked on writing.

I finally finished another book and sold it. It took two years. I was still ecstatic. While my editor and I were working on revisions, she asked me about The Silent Cradle. Yes, she was one of the editors who had read the manuscript. She remembered the plot and wanted me to send in another proposal on it, keeping in mind that I’d have to rewrite the book. Again! I did and she bought it. The Silent Cradle was titled The Christmas Cradle and became my 10th book and my first Harlequin American in 2004.

This book is very close to my heart because it was my first attempt at writing. I rewrote it so many times I’ve lost track. The final manuscript hardly resembles my first clumsy effort. I learned by trail and error. I’m so happy it’s been given new life with a re-release and a new cover. I love it. What do you think? Which cover do you prefer?

Happy New Year!!
The Texan’s Christmas – Dec ‘11



Rogenna Brewer said...

Love the new look, Linda! My first manuscript remains unpublished, but what an encouraging story.

Marcie said...

I like the first cover better because it seems to represent the title better. BUT the second cover makes you wonder if that guy is the one building the cradle and why.

Linda Warren said...

Hey Ro,
Thanks. It's good to see you here. I have about 5 different versions of The Christmas Cradle in the attic. I really should trash them. They're awful.

Linda Warren said...

Hi Marcie,
Yes, the first cover says more about the story, but the second one is sure easy to look at. Again and again. LOL And to wonder about.

linda s said...

I'd go for the second cover. Hunky hero over babies. Looks like a fun book though and a great backstory.

Linda Warren said...

Hi Linda,
Thank you. Hunky hero always does it.LOL I really like this cowboy because he's close to the picture in my head.

Tammy Yenalavitch said...

I love the new cover. Happy New Year, Linda

Linda Warren said...

Hi Tammy,
I love the hunky cowboy too.
Happy New Year!!! And it's already the 12th. Yikes!