Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Growing Old Gracefully...or Not

How many of you like to watch Doctor Oz's TV show?  I've become an Oz junkie.  There's just something about his no-nonsense approach to good health that appeals to me.  He understands that being human is just that—human, not a machine.  And even when we "know better" we still make bad health choices on occasion.  But he forgives us and encourages us to keep trying.  No matter what the topic on his show, by the end of the sixty- minute segment I already feel better about myself and I feel like I have control over my health.  One episode that made a big difference for me was a show about hair color and how choosing the right color can make you look younger.

For years I used boxed hair colors and I usually chose a dark shade of brown…the color my hair had been in my youth.  Dr. Oz's show taught me to "lighten up".  Now I'm a lighter shade of brown and have highlights that add depth and dimension to the color and make my face appear less harsh. 

It's been a process of sorts, but over the past few years I've learned to embrace getting older….to be the best I can be for whatever age I am and the Dr. Oz  show has been a great motivator in encouraging me to take care of myself.

Is there someone…a show…a book…that's given you sound  advice on growing old gracefully? 

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Gillian Layne said...

Good question! I bought a Bobbi Brown makeup book on a discount book table once, and I've enjoyed referring to it very much. She not only addresses women over 30's makeup, but hair, clothes, best healthy foods, etc. It was all very practical and common sense, so I enjoyed it alot. I don't even have any of her makeup, none here in my small town, but I would definitely try hers if I run across it.

Pamela Stone said...

Hi Marin. Oh, I totally agree about the hair color. Mine is a lighter shade with highlights also. The one thing I haven't embraced with hair though, is my mom's permed, short, go to the beauty parlor once a week look. It's just not me. My hairdresser last week told me I reminded her of Diane Keaton. I can live with that.

My other biggie is clothes. I see all these cute little fashions, but finally accepted that they just aren't for me at my age. Granted I started eating healthier two years ago and I've lost some weight, but I'm not a teeny bopper and dressing like one just doesn't work.

So, for me, it's hair, diet, clothes. A more natural approach to makeup.

Great topic.

Marin Thomas said...

Gillian--thanks for stopping by and mentioning Bobbi Brown's book. I bet I could find that at my local library. I read somewhere that the older we become the more natural our makeup needs to be. Putting on too much just draws more attention tot he wrinkles and lines.

Pamela, lol on your mom's some point in our lives we probably just say..."I'm done." Finished fooling around with our hair, blow-drying it with a round brush, which is always harder than your hairstylist makes it look....and we settle for the perms because we can go to sleep at night and wake up with the same style we went to bed with :-)

linda s said...

I say wrinkles are hard earned. You don't just get them for cruising through life. They are badges of honor. I do need to get my hair streaked though. Looks so great.

Marin Thomas said...

Linda..I like you attitude! You can tell the people who smile alot...those with crows feet and I bet they've gone through life believing the glass is half full.