Wednesday, June 08, 2011



And wow is it summer! We had 100 degrees here yesterday and today it’s supposed to be higher. That’s just too much heat for June or anytime of the year. Crazy weather all over the country. My heart and prayers go out to the people of Joplin, Missouri and the Mississippi flood victims.

But on a lighter note, vegetable gardens are coming in with fresh veggies due to being watered religiously because we’ve had very little rain. We went to my brothers on Sunday and raided his large garden. No, really, we were invited. We brought home tomatoes, potatoes, onions, peppers, cucumbers and squash. There’s nothing like eating a home-grown tomato fresh from the vine (washed, of course). Can’t wait for the green beans, peas and corn to be ready.

When I was growing up, my mother always had a garden and I really miss the fresh veggies. She was part Polish and made dishes that I haven’t seen since. With tomatoes, she’d slice them and sprinkle sugar on top. It was like a dessert. Delicious. And cucumbers she’d also slice, add salt and let them sit for a minute and then add mayonnaise, a little vinegar and pepper. Then mix. You have to really like cucumbers to like this dish. She’d also slice squash, lengthwise, salt and let sit. When they were wet and limber, she’d dip them in cornmeal and fry. Absolutely delicious. Not very healthy, though. But it’s fresh squash and summertime so I’ll indulge—a little.

Do you like fresh vegetables? If you have any recipes, please share.

Chillin’ at 102 degrees here in Texas.
The Texan’s Secret – Aug ‘11


Estella said...

Have only had one day in the seventies here in my piece of Oregon.
It has rained so much we just got the garden in.

Linda Warren said...


We're in a drought here. The weather is so strange.

Thans for posting.


Anonymous said...

Nice Post .. I like blogwalking here,,,,

Linda Warren said...

Alt Tab,

We like for you to blogwalk here. Thank you for posting.


linda s said...

We have the coldest Spring in 55 years. Temps traced over 70 today. But it has been so wet we don't even have our veggies seeded yet.:-( On the plus side, no forest fires are burning.

Linda Warren said...

We had the coldest winter here and now we're having a very hot summer. Forest fires have burned like two million acres in Texas. It's crazy and scary.

Maybe soon you can get seeds into the ground.

Have a great weekend.


linda s said...

Forgot to say I enjoyed Cowboy at the Crossroads. I was just into the story when I remembered I had read it before, a long time ago. But re-reading it was fun. Still a good story.

Linda Warren said...

Ah, Linda,you made my day.

Thank you!