Sunday, June 12, 2011

The First Day of School

Oh, that first day your little one goes to school. You hold their hand, tell them everything will be okay and secretly cross your fingers, praying that you’re right. Your mind runs a million miles an hour. Have you done everything to get them ready to solo in the big, wide world? Do they know their manners? Are they wearing the right clothes? Will the other kids like them? Finally, the time arrives. You see them off. Tears gather, and you’re not sure who cries the most—them or you.

Release day for THE DADDY CATCH, my second book for Harlequin American, was earlier this week. Its launch felt an awful lot like the first day I sent my little one off to school.

By the time this book appeared on store shelves, I’d lived with the story for several years. I nurtured Jess, a fly fishing guide, from a vague image of blonde hair and sun-drenched skin into a fully-fledged single mom, a widow who wants to preserve a piece of old Florida as a legacy for her little boy. Dan burst onto the page fully-formed, but we still went through a few rough patches until he learned that Jess’s love was worth more than the acceptance of his peers. There were edits, lots of edits. They made the book stronger, better. The Art Department dressed it in a beautiful cover. And the day finally arrived when the book was out there, on its own.

Fortunately, the early reviews of THE DADDY CATCH have been great. Romantic Times gave it 4 stars, calling it “a charming romance with a solid plot.” It was voted Book of the Week at Long and Short Reviews. Dear Author listed it as a “Recommended Read” for June.

Like a mom on the first day of school, I’m relieved my little one is off to a good start. And tomorrow, I’ve been asked to talk a little more about THE DADDY CATCH on the Harlequin blog ( Join me there, won’t you?


Anonymous said...

wow,,nice info thank you

Estella said...

Cute cover!

Linda Warren said...


Love your cover. I'm curious about fly fishing so I'm looking forward to reading The Daddy Catch.


linda s said...

Just reading The Daddy Catch right now. So far it's been great. Will pop over to the Blog and see if it's still going.