Thursday, April 07, 2011

Welcome Spring

Spring? I'm sure y'all are thinking I'm a little late here. Supposedly Spring came to North America several weeks ago. According to the calendar, the vernal equinox was March 20th. According to my nature-watching friend, Spring arrived with the first robin in her yard in early March, while another claims Spring popped up with the first purple crocus.

But for me, Spring officially arrived on March 31st with the first pitch of the Cardinals baseball season. aahhh The smell of the grass, the sun on the field, the thud of the ball hitting leather gloves, and the crack of the bat. Those signal the end of winter to me.

I even played hooky from doing my line edits (shhh) to go to the game yesterday. But don't tell Johanna, okay?

I've been tempted many times to write a baseball book, or two, or several. :) One of our American authors put one out a few years ago, so I know the editors wouldn't automatically turn down the idea.

I'd love to combine two of my favorite things, a love story and baseball. So I'm wondering... Do you readers like books with baseball players as heroes? Would they be interesting or would you see "baseball" and feel reluctant to read it, or maybe even downright uninterested because of the setting?

Thanks for the feedback. Play Ball!!


Megan Kelly The Marriage Solution, May 2011



Lynn said...

Although I'm not a big baseball fan, I do like my cute players... Romance and hotties works for me.


Linda Warren said...

Works for me. I've gotten into sports lately. The Texas A&M Women's Basketall Team in College Station just won the national championship and everyone here has been glued to the TV. It's been exciting!


Estella said...

I love baseball anyway I can get it!

It is hailing here right now.

Megan Kelly said...

My previous comment didn't post. Wonder where in cyberspace it is?
What I said was, glad to know y'all approve of the idea. As soon as I finish my cowboys, I'll "pitch" the idea to my editor. (Sorry--but you had to know it was coming!)