Friday, April 08, 2011


Spring has certainly arrived in Texas. Everything has turned green in the last two weeks. Trees are budding out, wildflowers are blooming and the temperature is much warmer, which is a relief from the brutal winter we had.

Saturday was beautiful with a nice eighty five degrees. It was so nice my husband decided to put on his bathing suit and wash his dirty, muddy truck. Goofy the goose entertained him all the while squawking with his smoker’s quack. The wild geese haven’t returned to the lake so Goofy is still a nuisance, but a lovable one. It was the kind of day to be outside, but I wasn’t. I have a deadline that keeps me tied to my computer. I was stuck on a scene so I went outside and I had to take these pictures. After a break, I was ready to write again. I find I’d rather write in yucky weather, especially when it’s raining. I like to read when it’s raining too. When it’s pretty, I’m tempted to go outside—too tempted.

How’s the weather in your area? Writing, reading or fun weather? Hope Old Man Winter has gone to sleep.


Aug '11 - The Texans Secret


Pamela Stone said...

Hi Linda,

I'm close to Dallas and the weather here is gorgeous, with the exception of 40 mile an hour wind gusts off and on this week. I've been writing later at night. After the day job and dinner, I have to get outside for an hour or so and just breathe.

PS - would your husband and Goofy be interested in a side job? I'd love to meet Goofy and my car could really use washing?

EllenToo said...

The weather here on the coast has been all over the place. Yesterday was in the 80°s and the wind was alternating between blowing really hard and no wind at all and it looks like it's going to be the same today!!

Linda Warren said...


Over the weekend it was beautiful and then it got cooler and the high wind arrived. Crazy weather.

I agree, sometimes we have to get outside and breathe.

I'll ask hubby about a side job. Maybe we can leave Goofy at your house. LOL


Linda Warren said...

Hi Ellen Too,

The hubby was going to the coast, around Rockport, fishing this weekend, but he changed his mind because of the wind.

It's windy here again today. What we need is rain. It's so dry it's getting scary. Have you gotten any rain in your area?

I love it when you stop by, Ellen, because I know you love romance.

Have a great weekend.


Estella said...

Sunny, cold and windy here in my piece of Oregon.

Linda Warren said...

Hi Estella,

I guess it's windy all over the US. Hope your Spring is near.