Monday, March 07, 2011


Goose or dog?
This is not a problem many people have. If you do, please let me know.
We live on a lake in central Texas and when we moved here fourteen years ago there were a lot of geese, tame and wild, and ducks. Then they started disappearing. Our neighbor said a bobcat was getting them at night. That was one hungry bobcat. He got all but one tame goose. I think he was old and tough and not vey appetizing.
Luckily, most of the wild geese were able to fly away, except for two that were injured. So now that just leaves three geese on the lake and we’ve noticed they don’t socialize. The wild geese stay to themselves and the tame one is alone.

When my husband works in the yard or on his boat, the tame goose follows him around like a dog. I guess he’s lonely. As soon as my husband goes outside, the goose comes waddling and he has this annoying quack, kind of like a smoker’s quack. The more you talk to him, the louder he gets.

The goose has now figured out that when my husband disappears, he goes into the house. So the goose waddles to the patio and looks through the French doors trying to find him, quacking that annoying quack.

We named him Goofy. And Goofy doesn’t know if he’s a dog or a goose. In the mornings, as soon as we turn on the kitchen light, here comes Goofy, quacking, quacking, wanting someone to come out and play. We’ve even started closing the blinds so Goofy can’t see us. It didn't work. He’s still there quacking.

We’re hoping when spring comes and the wild geese return that Goofy will have company and stay on the water. Poor lonely Goofy.

Does anyone want a goose? He’s real friendly.

I’m thinking of putting Goofy in my next book. Do you think I can make it believable?

Her Christmas Hero – AR ‘10
Coming in August The Hardin Boys series.


Savannah Rose said...

As annoying as it may seem, this is a very cute story. I hope Goofy finds a friend in the Spring, too. And I'm sure it would make a believable character in your next story.

Linda Warren said...

Savannah Rose,
I love your name. I see it as a heroine's name with a southern touch.

We're hoping Goofy finds some friends this spring too. The wild geese are starting to come back and we hope the bobcat is gone


Megan Kelly said...

Goofy would be adorable in a story. Hope you can work him in.

Pamela Stone said...

Yes! Goofy, name and all, would be a fantastic character in a story. Cute story.

Leigh Duncan said...

Thanks for starting my day off with a smile, Linda. I'd love to read about Goofy in your next book.

Linda Warren said...

Megan, Pam and Leigh,

I think I'll put him in my next American.LOL

I never thought geese had much intelligence, well, I didn't think about it until Goofy. He's gotten to where he knows the sound of my husband's truck and he comes waddling, quacking, his whole body shivering with excitement. He's so happy to see someone.


Savannah Rose said...


Thank you. My penname was created by combining my favorite city (Savannah, GA) and my favorite flower (Rose). And of course, I am a Southern gal from Alabammy :)

Linda Warren said...

Ah, great idea. Had to be from the south.

Linda Warren said...

Ah, great idea. Had to be from the south.

Estella said...

I think putting Goofy in a story is a wonderful idea!

Linda Warren said...

Thank you. Goofy is going to be a secondary character soon.

CC said...

Go Goofy! I think it'd make a wonderful story, Linda. Goofy might have been raised by the heroine and imprinted on her like chickens do. Or better still, "she" (Goofy) might have imprinted herself on the hero and she keeps turning up on all sorts of awkward occasions to pester and embarrass him. :-)Could make for a lot of fun. Louella the pig from my first book, Colorado Christmas, is making a comeback in the book of one of the hero's brothers. I've had so much fantastic feedback about Louella, that I just couldn't let her go. :-)

Linda Warren said...

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea. And I like your ideas.


linda s said...

Goofy would be very believeable. My friends nursed a cute little lamb in their house the first year they started farming. It turned into a rather large, house sheep. Too funny (for me not them).