Friday, March 11, 2011

Louella Returns!

I've been having a lot of trouble getting on and completing Book #4 of my O'Malley Men series. I wrote the first half of this book in a week while staying at a spa hotel in Boulder, Colorado. I was loving the story, had some ideas on how it would end (I'm a panster). But then life got in the way, ie. I had to leave the spa. :-(
It went onto the back burner while I did edits and rewrites for Book#3, my latest release, Colorado Cowboy. But Luke's story was published in January and now I've run out of excuses for not finishing his firefighter brother, Adam's story. Since it's about a firefighter falling in love with a suspected arsonist, the subject matter was lending itself to another serious tale. Both The Sheriff and the Baby and Colorado Cowboy were rather serious tales and what I really wanted to write was another romantic comedy - to return to the fun days of watching Will the ski bum romancing the town judge in Colorado Christmas.
The inspiration on how I could bring back the romantic comedy elements to my writing was provided by a little English pig called Cinders, who apparently is afraid of mud!
Yes, this little piggie suffers from mysophobia - a fear of dirt. While her siblings revelled in the muck, poor Cinders stood shaking in her trotters. The farmers who owned Cinders just happened to have some miniature plastic bootie pen and pencil holders. They slipped them onto Cinders and now she happily plays in the mud. Apparently she loves them so much, she trots over to the farmer every morning to have them slipped on! (she's named Cinders after Cinderella btw) :-)
I thought at the time this was such a heart-warming story, and then I remembered Louella, the world's naughtiest pig in Colorado Christmas.
I'd had such positive feedback about Louella and she'd provided so many light-hearted moments in my debut novel that I thought: What if Louella made a comeback in Adam's story? What if Louella had a fear of snow and needed rubber booties (fur lined of course!) in order to get around town, and stick her snout into everyone's business?
Since Louella's return to the page, I've been happy as a pig in mud! (okay, sorry, very bad joke)
But seriously, she's helped everyone lighten up and inspired me to write what I hope is shaping up to be my best story yet.
If you'd like to win a copy of my latest novel, Colorado Cowboy about Luke, the oldest O'Malley, who runs the family ranch, tell me what makes you laugh when reading a book, watching tv or whatever. I'll choose the most inspiring.

Meantime, I'm making the most of
summer downunder.
Till next time!


Linda Warren said...


Cinders is one of a kind. Hilarious, as is Louella. I can see how she would liven up a story.

Is that a photo of downunder now? Beautiful.


Laney4 said...

Before I forget, I really enjoyed reading THE SHERIFF AND THE BABY and look forward to COLORADO COWBOY. The relationships throughout were warm and loving, plus they left me with a good feeling (to this date still, when I think about it). It's great when you get a book like this that you feel you just can't put down until you're finished (and even when you're done, you're still able to bask in the warmth it created).

As for what makes me laugh, it can be the dialogue (especially fast, witty words, not necessarily between the hero and heroine, but between any of the characters) or the situation. I recently read a book in a clinic waiting room and LOL several times (and snickered a few times) because of the constant witty dialogue (yet I got teary-eyed a few pages later, go figure). I also have laughed out loud when watching the antics on television (especially with HOT IN CLEVELAND). My favourite show, though, would be NCIS, when I am sitting on the edge of my seat for most of the entire hour while the characters banter back and forth, plus you have the suspense of the plot line. It has a little of everything (possible love interests that never turn into long-term relationships, suspense, and usually surprise endings).

Leigh Duncan said...

Love the photos, CC!

Little CC said...

I <3 Louella, maybe you could write a childrens book about her...

CC said...

Hi Linda, Thanks for that about Cinders and Loulella :-)
Yes, that's pretty much the weather right now, altho now there's more beach. This is a headland that was once a volcano - long since extinct! Hence the dark rocks. It's a very popular surfing beach.

CC said...

Hi Laney, thanks for your lovely comments on my Sherrif and Cowboy!
I'm so glad you love to be laughing out loud and then crying not long after, means the story has really gripped you. I'm trying to get that back into this story. wish me luck!

CC said...

Hi Leigh, Thanks for dropping by. I might write a blog aobut summers in Aus next time - remind me will you! I'll go down to the beach and take lots of lovely pics. :-)

CC said...

What a brilliant idea - a children's book, starring Louella Farquar, public nuisance #1!

btw Laney I love your doggie avatar. Tell me about him/her? I have a Lab.

linda s said...

really liked Colerado Cowboy. I loved Louella and the light tone of Colerdao Christmas. I can hardly wait for Adam's story.

Anonymous said...

I think you should groom Louella to be a sniffer pig, then she could help exonerate the suspected arsonist! Then she could wear pretty white booties for the HEA wedding! I love a good rom com, and yours are just great!



Cathleen Ross said...

I think your natural humor comes out in your books. I can easily see Louella making a come back. For laughs I still go to Grandma Mazur in the Stephanie Plum series. She's a hoot.
Cathleen Ross

Laney4 said...

Dog avatar:
Austin. Golden retriever. 12 or 13 in picture. Now 14. Not mine. Wish he was (except when it comes to vet bills). Owners live 2.5 hours away and bring him to our house instead of a kennel when taking long trips (because they know he's a "people dog" and would be lonely, and when Austin's unhappy, his owners are unhappy). Get him Mar 30 until Apr 16 (and again month of December plus hopefully more time in the summer), so can hardly wait. Trained as seeing-eye dog but fired because too friendly. Nicknames are Austin the Wonder Dog and Meet and Greet Austin (when vacationing with owners). Deaf. Arthritic. Sheds tons. Understands "hand" gesturing/pointing. Seems human. When he wants to go out and I'm on the phone, he'll walk to the door and look at me. If I'm still yapping, he'll look at his leash. Finally, if all else fails, he'll give a deep bark. It's the only time I hear him bark, so it's rare. Have I mentioned I love him to bits?

Serena said...

Hi CC,
I'm a great fan of all your books so far! And I do love a good laugh - so Colorado Christmas was especially wonderful with Louella Farquar, public nuisance #1!

LOL @ Jan!

Love the idea about writing a children's book starring Louella! Maybe she can visit Australia?? Or maybe your next hunky hero can visit Down Under?

It's hard to nkow what is funny and what isn't - sometimes it's just hits the funny bone. I do like good banter between the h/H.

Cher Gorman said...

When I'm watching television or a movie, my husband makes me laugh the most with his observations and hysterical comments. :)

As far as a book, snarky or sarcastic comments by the hero or heroine.

Take care, Catherine :)