Tuesday, February 01, 2011

You Say It’s February?

I’m muddled up in writer time again. Is it really the first of February?

I ask not because our cool, rainy Southern California winter has finally yielded to an unseasonable dose of sunshine with temperatures nearing 80, but because I tend to get confused between real time, writing time (in the book I’m currently working on) and current-release-book time.

In an unusual confluence of circumstances, these seem to be more or less the same. I’m not sure when that last happened. Here’s what I mean:

Item one: It really is the first of February (I think).

Item two: I have a February release, Officer Daddy. It’s the latest entry in my Safe Harbor Medical series within the Harlequin American line.

Item three: Officer Daddy actually starts in February. It doesn’t stay there, because it involves an unplanned pregnancy as well as a bit of a mystery, and I have to follow my obstetrician heroine, Nora, through her early months of gestation. It ends in April.

Item four: I’m currently writing another book in the series that also starts in February. It’s not the book that follows Officer Daddy – that’s Falling for the Nanny, due out in June – or the one after that, tentatively entitled The Surgeon’s Surprise Twins and due in October. It’s the book after that. By this time, Nora has happily given birth and is on maternity leave from Safe Harbor.

So while I’m fairly sure that this month is February, I’m still trying to straighten out which February.

On top of all that, I’m re-editing one of my Regency romances from many years ago so I can make digital copies available to Kindle and Nook readers. A Lady of Letters will be the fourth Regency I’ve posted – of six that I sold – and it takes place in early March. Well, that’s almost February.

Wherever you are, I hope your weather’s bright and cheery for Valentine’s Day. Because as we romantic souls know, that’s what’s really important about this month.


Linda Henderson said...

I hope it's bright and cheery for Valentine's Day too. Right now we are having snow and have a blizzard forecast for tomorrow. I'm just hoping we don't loose our power.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

I love when we switch the calendar to February because I really don't like January. We've had a brief respite in the weather the past few days, in the 50s and even a bit of 60s over the weekend. But winter will come roaring back tonight.

Estella said...

Weather has been in the high 50's and low 60's for several days here.
Supposed to stay that way for 10 more days.

chey said...

Officer Daddy sounds like a great story!
Weather here has been -30's in the mornings.

Jacqueline Diamond said...

I hear there's another terrible storm moving into the Eastern half of the country. My sympathies.

My older son's girlfriend lives in Wisconsin, and he's planning to visit her for Valentine's Day. I sure hope he doesn't run into another fierce snowstorm like he did in December!

linda s said...

Have to be happy I live on the west coast. Hope you all stay safe and warn with power on.