Thursday, February 03, 2011

A Few Things I've Learned...

On Saturday, it will be my daughter’s 18th birthday. We won’t be home~we’ll be in Orlando, Florida. She and I and some friends of ours are all going to Universal Studio’s Harry Potter World. I’m very excited about this trip for a couple of reasons:

1) I get to spend time with my daughter, who isn’t around much now and will be around even less when she goes off to college in August.
2) I love the Harry Potter series. I read all but the last one aloud on car trips. (I had a great sorting hat voice, if I do say so myself). As a writer, I never cease to be amazed at what a fellow writer can dream up. As a mom, thinking about the books brings back memories of a far different time in our lives.
3) Orlando is warm. Okay, maybe not sitting-out-by-the-pool warm. But it’s a far cry from Cincinnati’s weather. Tonight’s low? 8*.

Mainly I’ve been excited because it’s given me something to think about besides, well…that my daughter is eighteen. (how did that happen?) When Lesley goes off to school, I know it won’t be the end of our relationship. But things will probably change at little bit. They did for my son and me.

However, I would like to think I’m a little bit smarter now. After all, she’s taught me a lot. So, with that in mind, here’s one more list…of things I’ve learned from my daughter:

1)It’s okay to laugh. A lot.
2)It’s okay to change your mind. Again.
3)Sometimes texting really is the best way to communicate.
4)Chi Hair Straighteners really are worth the money.
5)Haagen-Dazs Chocolate ice cream can make any day better.
6)It’s a perfectly fine dinner, too.
7)A girl can’t have too many cute coats. Or shoes.
8)Or purses.
9)Boyfriends are great to have…for three months.
10)Shopping is a necessary way to expend energy.
11)Telling someone you have PMS and to leave you alone isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
12)Girls. Love. Dads. No matter what.
13)Everything changes~Always. Even if you’re not ready.

So tonight when we hop a plane to Florida and get ready to explore Hogwarts in person, I plan to thoroughly enjoy my time with her. I’m ready to laugh, go shopping, eat ice cream, and maybe even be warm. And, I’m willing to bet that Lesley might even teach me something else…

Anyone else care to share what you’ve learned from one of your kids?

Shelley Galloway


Savannah Rose said...

My children taught me to never take anything for granted. They both have left the nest and I miss them every second I'm not with them. Have a wonderful time on your trip. And from the deep South (I'm from Alabama), it's still pretty chilly here...but not as cold as Ohio. My husband's family lives in Akron.

Leigh Duncan said...

Welcome to Florida, Shelley! You've chosen the perfect time--kids are in school and it's c-o-l-d up north, but gorgeous down here.

shelley galloway said...

Savannah, I love what you've learned! My son goes to college in Alabama (roll tide). It's soooo beautiful there! He never wants to come home!

shelley galloway said...

Leigh, Thank you! We heard the lines for HP were long, so I'm hoping they won't be too bad right now. I can't wait to leave the ice and snow here for a few days!

scarlet wilson said...

Have a fabulous time! Very jealous x

linda s said...

Wish I was going to Florida!!!
What I learned from my kids... love is all we need and everything else is bonus.