Monday, February 07, 2011

Winter Planning by Megan

In the midst of Winter, with storms ravaging cities coast to coast, my DH and I have been struck with cabin fever. He even had a day off work because the snow and ice were so bad, which is remarkable enough to...well, remark on. Most of that day he spent preparing our tax return (boooo) and the rest cleaning. While I was trying to answer emails, preparing for a special program for our RWA writing chapter, and balancing the Program budget. It's very distracting to sit while people are tidying around you. lol This does not bode well for the future when he retires. I'll have to think on this.
In the meantime, the project we've taken on is more fun. Planning our summer vacation. Ahh, the lure of heat (but not too much!), warm breezes, and exploring a new place. I was leaning toward a spring trip to Destin, Florida, just because I'm so antsy to go somewhere else, but it doesn't work with the kids' school schedules. We had thought of the glorious National Parks of Utah this summer, but the desert in summer? I wouldn't last ten minutes. I'm now rooting for the mountains of Colorado, and my husband, who loves it there, might be swayed, but he and the kids also want to go somewhere different. So far, my DH has planned a family fishing trip!
Help! I need a destination idea. Beautiful scenery for them, motels with air conditioning for me. National Parks, state parks, wildlife areas. (Are you sensing a trend?) Or a favorite city that's tolerable in the summer months. And, remember, I'm from St. Louis, where the summers are typically in the 90's with 100% humidity, so I'll need a break from that heat I so long for now. Where would you suggest? Where have you/your family been that took away your breath? Where's your dream vacation? Any ideas will be appreciated.
My husband thanks you, my children thank you, and I thank you.

Megan Kelly
The Marriage Solution, May 2011


kris said...

I would head for San Francisco. A lovely break from the heat, plenty of parks & things to see. Or San Diego, also not too hot, and again, lots to see. THe Wildlife Park is breathtaking.


Megan Kelly said...

Ohh, good ideas, Kris. Thanks

Megan Kelly said...

Wait--is it hot in San Diego in the summer? Isn't that near the border?

Estella said...

The Southern Oregon coast is awesome in the summer!

Lynn said...

Mountains of Idaho... The St. Louis paper just listed McCall, Idaho as having the highest increase of rentals - 400 percent increase? Of course the town's a little small... Sun Valley - McCall or maybe Riggins. Or- northern Idaho - Coeur de'alene. They have a floating golf hole.

Megan Kelly said...

Estella, Oregon looks pretty. I've been wanting to go there someday.
Oooh, Lynn--I know people who have been to McCall. They recommend it highly.
Thanks so much.

Megan Kelly said...

Okay, it looks like we're heading West. Thanks everyone for your input.

EllenToo said...

If you are looking for national parks to visit in the summer you might head for Glacier National Park.

linda s said...

Gotta say... go North. Take the Stewart-Cassier highway to the Alaskan highway... From ancient totem poles to wild buffalo... No spas though. It's one of my fav trips.
My dream vacation - is 3 months visiting Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, the Carolinas... lol