Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ah, Valentine's. The day our thoughts turn to chocolate and hearts and flowers and chocolate and love and chocolate and romance...and the authors here on the Harlequin American Romance Blog wish their readers an abundance of all those things!

On Saturday I celebrated at a luncheon with fellow romance writers in my local chapter of Romance Writers of America. This is always a special occasion and I look forward to it every year. This year was really fun because I was on the decorating committee.

I filled my favorite vintage milk glass bowls (I have three of them) with red carnations to use as centerpieces. With the black and white table linens, black-and-white printed paper, votice candles, and chocolate hearts wrapped in red foil, I was going for understated yet elegant. What do you think?

Do you do something special to celebreate Valentine's Day? If so, please share the love!

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Pamela Stone said...

Hi Lee. The tables look great. I am so not good at that sort of thing. My hubby and I stay home on Valentine's and avoid the crowds. Saturday is his birthday so we typically celebrate on the 19th and avoid the nonsense. This morning he told me happy Valentine's and I said that I'd cook. He asked if he should also bring my mom a card for Valentine's since she lives with us now. He's a sweety in his own distinct way.

Lee McKenzie said...

Pam, any man who buys a Valentine's Day card for his MIL is a total sweetheart!

My husband and I never go out for dinner to celebrate Valentine's. I'd much rather cook a nice dinner and stay in. And I brought the flowers from the luncheon so I even have a lovely table centerpiece!

Winter said...

I don't like going out any more on Valentine's Day. For the longest time it was because we had four young children at home and little money to spend on a baby-sitter. I got so used to making a special dinner for us, it's continued. Nothing like a nice glass of wine with the meal too.

This year, Hubby and I went out and got each other something special with plans to exchange tonight. We did the dinner yesterday, since I wouldn't be home for part of the evening.

Lee McKenzie said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Winter! It sounds as though a lot of us prefer to stay in rather than go out for dinner. Enjoy your gift exchange!

Estella said...

V Day is just another day at my house.

Lee McKenzie said...

I hear you, Estella. Are there other occasions when you do something special?