Monday, January 03, 2011

Wishing Y'all Lots of 'Bests'

So, there I was, half-walking-half-running on the treadmill this morning, thinking about food, when I got to thinking about my relatives’ coffee cake.

We hosted my husband’s family this Christmas, and in the midst of cooking and baking and shopping, we ate my sister-in-law’s mother-in-law’s coffee cake. Mardy’s MIL had sent it to her for Christmas; so of course, she brought it with her to our house. Mardy’s kids proclaimed it the ‘Best Coffee Cake in the World’. I had to admit it was really pretty good. But the best? Between you and me, I wasn't so sure.

Of course, I think the reason it was so tasty to my niece and nephew had far less to do with the ingredients and far more to do with the love and memories it drummed up. Most foods are like that, I suppose. I can hardly look at a pork chop without gagging. (bad experience with pork while pregnant!) But I absolutely love steak.

Steak dinner was my family’s Sunday dinner growing up. For me, it’s still my favorite meal. It has to have essential ingredients, of course: New York Strip, Baked potato, Pillsbury Crescent rolls, and green salad with Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing. That’s it. Every birthday and Mother’s Day, that’s what I ask for, and I’m always so happy to dig into my ‘best’ dinner.

Tonight, we’re having Beef Stroganoff, in honor of it being my son’s last night here before he goes back to college. That’s his favorite dinner, which is actually kind of a surprise, because I wouldn’t say I make it all that well. My daughter would tell you her ‘best’ dinner is chicken pie. My husband? Grilled hamburgers. (That was his family's Sunday meal)

I have to tell you-last week, when my relatives were here, we ate every last crumb of that coffee cake. Actually, by the time my relatives left I was thinking that it had to be one of the best coffee cakes, ever. Of course, I have to guess that that has to do far more with the fun times we had and less to do with the cake.

But, all things considered, I hope next Christmas, Mardy brings it again.

What about you? Anyone have a favorite food or dinner…just because it brings you happy memories?

This year, I hope all of you have plenty of meals that are the ‘best’, and that you have time to enjoy each one. After all, you can always get on that treadmill…

Shelley Galloway


Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Chicken and dumplings. I can remember my grandma making them from scratch when I was little and her letting me nibble on some of the raw dough. I know that sounds gross and I wouldn't eat that now, but at the time it was good.

Linda Henderson said...

My sister's broccoli casserole, she only makes it at Thanksgiving and Christmas and I really love it. Since I didn't get to eat Christmas dinner due to being ill with a stomach bug, I missed out on it at Christmas.

Megan Kelly said...

Shelley, food features in most of my family memories too. My mom made fudge to die for, and on birthdays, her chocolate cake would bring us to our knees. Holidays meant Mom's homemade noodles that I try to make for my family. It's not the food itself but the joyful times attached to those experiences that make the food important.

Estella said...

Meat loaf, scalloped potatoes, and green beans.

Anonymous said...

Made from scratch Bisquits and White Gravy with Ground Sausage and Black Pepper cooked in. My mother's mother (Grammaw) and my mother would cook this for breakfast. I cannot seem to make it the bisquits or gravy taste the same, no matter how I try. I guess you are right...they are no longer here to offer their love and their wonderful company while eating the meal...Oh how deeply I miss them!