Friday, January 07, 2011

Games People Play by Megan

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a good end to 2010 with many fun times and happy memories with family and friends.
As I get older, I'm more perplexed by what to do for entertainment at parties and get-togethers. Granted, we're a story-telling family on both sides, and my friends are interesting people I love to listen to. But it's always nice to have a backup activity.
I was the youngest, and therefore the least experienced, the least savvy/conniving, the least intelligent. But I grew up loving games, even though I rarely won. I played Solitaire when I couldn't get my siblings on board. We loved Monopoly (until someone actually read the rules--no money on Free Parking! what's with that?) and sometimes I could get my sibs involved in a game of Rummy. If we left the house, we went bowling, but my brothers were involved with baseball and football, so it was sometimes hard to corral everyone.
The computer has opened up waaaaay too many games (web sudoku anyone?) and I've had to cut myself off from some on FaceBook. But my dear daughter drew me into playing Family Feud so she could win points when I didn't do well. Makes me laugh, but I have to admit, she's earning us more points than I could alone. We sometimes make time for Scrabble together; I love Farmville; and sometimes I'll drop over to Wheel of Fortune or Word Drop. Sometimes WordSearch, but I'm not a fan of timers. I used to have Boggle on an older computer, but I wouldn't let myself put it on my writing laptop.
So I'm on the hunt for something fun for adults to play. I've enjoyed a few games of Apples to Apples, but I'm looking to branch out. Trivia Pursuit used to be a favorite, but I haven't played in years and I hear there's a new version/set of questions. Anyone know about it?
Anyone have a game they enjoy? A cherished family game that has held up through the years?
Megan Kelly


Estella said...

Have never been much for games and have never played a game online---so no help here.

Megan Kelly said...

I wonder why that is, Estella, that some people aren't much for games and some love to compete, even if it's just Solitaire? Both have merits. I wonder if, like so much in life, it's just how you're raised.

Jane said...

I'm not one for on line games - an early very time wasting stint with solitaire addiction put paid to that - but we still like the odd board games like Cleudo or Scrabble. But I think card games are the best fun for a group - you're around the table, you can drop out to make coffee, always lots of laughter and that competitive spirit really rises up - in my family, boy, does it rise. Great fun.

Lynn said...

**We loved Monopoly (until someone actually read the rules--no money on Free Parking! what's with that***

I don't care what the rules are.. $500 and all the tax money go into the center waiting for someone to hit Free parking. Then we seed it with another $500 bucks.

I wonder why we both had that as part of our Monopoly rules even growing up 1600 miles apart. Maybe it used to be a rule?

My husband and son are RISK players. I think it takes too long.

Kristi said...

My family growing up did marathon Monopoly sessions, and occasionally Clue, Life, or Scrabble. I remember they involved heaping bowls of m&ms and mixed nuts, and the youngest sister at the table usually won (because everyone else assumed she needed lots of help...she had us all fooled).

My husband's family loves cards. They have family rules for Euchre and Pinochle that basically redefine the games.

My husband and I play a variety of games with our friends--Dungeons & Dragons, Rock Band, Carcasonne, Magic...

Our older child has recently mastered Clue and both of them can do Uno/Crazy 8's and go-fish, so I guess we're slowly getting back intot he board game/simple card game arena there too.