Friday, January 14, 2011

Spring, where are you???

(Daughter boating in the backyard. Spring, where are you???)

Maybe it's the winter doldrums of beige Oklahoma consuming me with wanderlust, or maybe just the post-holidays blahs. Either way, I've fallen in love all over again not with a hunky Navy Seal, but a TV show called International House Hunters. My favorite episode features a couple and their small child relocating to Dubai. Something about the concept of living in a chrome and glass high-rise with a resort-style pool at my disposal sounds irresistibly decadent. Even better, the husband's company funded it all!!

Don't get me wrong, we have a great house, but the recent addition to our family of a squirrel having taken up residence in the kitchen, combined with a plumbing leak, combined with carpets needing to be cleaned has made me long for that old promise Calgon bath beads used to make about "taking me away"!! LOL!!

On the flip side, the couple who moved from Canada to Hungary didn't seem nearly as content. (At least I think it was Hungary.) They ended up with a half-constructed shell they're unable to get a construction loan on in order to complete. Now stuck indefinitely in a cramped apartment, I'm thinking their adventure didn't turn out so grand.

This is what keeps me running to good books or movies as opposed to actual real estate agents when I'm looking to get away. Knowing our luck, Hubby and I would end up with a house wackier than the one we already have!! Can't you just imagine . . . We take off for somewhere crazy-exotic like say, Cairo, only to find our oasis infested with cobras and reeking of camel poo??!!

Ugh. Guess I'll keep trying to catch our squirrel, call a plumber and pray for Spring!!

How about you? Craving a winter escape?


Estella said...

The winter here has not been too bad. Most of the rain forecast has split and gone north and south of us.
Just some really gray days----just right for curling up with a good book.

Marcie said...

My escape is reading!
I've seen the show you're referring to. I'm amazed at how some of the homes in other countries look like. Guess I'm an arm chair traveler.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Estella, actually, our winter has been pretty dull and mostly sunny, but so cold I just want to stay inside!

Marcie, I'm always shocked at how small the homes are. The ones in Paris and Vienna looked like my walk-in closet--only that was the whole apartment!! I guess I if you didn't have family and pets that would probably be okay, but I kinda like my family and pets!! LOL!!

Leigh Duncan said...

We traveled north over the holidays, so I'm content to be back home in Florida. It's cool-to-cold here, a great time to break out the winter jackets. But I'll be glad when Spring turns the grass green again.