Sunday, January 16, 2011


Calendars help people manage their personal schedules, time and activities. They also remind us of friends' and family members' birthdays. Each New Year I look forward to buying a kitchen calendar. I have a huge, boring utilitarian calendar on my office desk—serves as a blotter, coaster, and keyboard pad. The calendar I keep in my kitchen is the one that "Inspires" me. When I say "Inspire" I'm not referring to inspirational quotes or words of wisdom. I'm referring to "Visual Inspiration". Pictures that serve as the inspiration for my next Harlequin American Hero. When I saw the hero on the cover for my February release, Roughneck Cowboy, my first thought was that the guy should be on a calendar!

Below are examples of the types of "Inspirational Calendars" that have been found in Marin Thomas's kitchen through the years.

Firefighter Calendar

Cowboy Hunk Calendars

Hockey Heroes Calendar

Movie Star Calendars

What type of Calendar inspires you the most?

Marin Thomas
Roughneck Cowboy *Men of the West* Feb 2011
The Bull Rider's Surrender *E-HQ Weekly Read* March 2011
Rodeo Daddy *Rodeo Rebels* April 2011
The Bull Rider's Secret *Rodeo Rebels* July 2011
Riley's Story (w.t.) *Rodeo Rebels* Dec 2011


Estella said...

I like the nature or pet calendars.

Nicole S said...

I get one calendar every year, Studs N' Spurs. Nothing like looking at hunky cowboys everyday!

Marin Thomas said...

Estella, I one got a Rooster calendar because the colors were really neat, but I received a lot of flack from family and friends about my c*ck calendar....that was the last time I bought one of those

Nicole, Studs and Spurs....I agree, there's nothing like a hunky cowboy to pick up a girl's spirits!