Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Can I please have an extension on my Christmas shopping/decorating deadline?

Poor Daisy looks frazzled, too!! LOL!!

So I've been writing and doing laundry and paying bills and have to confess, I forgot about Christmas. Thanksgiving is usually my favorite holiday, but this year was a little rocky--long story. Hubby and I got home and collapsed. And apparently, stayed that way!! LOL!! Not only are there no presents under our tree, but no tree, let alone our usual two!! No Christmas village or giant Santa on the bar, guarding my favorite candy dish.

Yesterday, I shot into action by at least purchasing one gift. But then I got home from the ordeal and you guessed it--collapsed!! I didn't get Christmas cards written or gifts ordered for any of my long distance friends. I did manage a lovely pot of gumbo for dinner, but that was due to starvation!!

Today, I've really got to get with the holiday program. But then I also need to do my line edits. And wish my dad a happy birthday. And make sure everything's in order for our son's college transfer. And pay more bills. I'm ready to collapse, and I haven't even started!! LOL!!

I'm thinking what I need is a list--maybe several. One to manage everyday life and another for Christmas. Better yet, with all three kids home, I need to delegate. Like little elves, they can lug boxes up from the scary basement and run errands and if I really yell, get the gigantic pile of clothes a certain daughter left in the middle of the living room all hanging up and pretty in her room. Alas, she just crawled out of her cocoon to get ready for work. Rats, I lost an elf before hitting the starting line!!

Maybe instead of fretting about Christmas, I need to take a deep breath and be thankful all the kids are home and in full messing mode!! If we only have one tree, the world won't end. Maybe the true list I need to make is one listing all of our blessings. As for the rest, maybe Santa will bring me a holiday deadline extension. And if you're wondering about my elves, I just lost another one!! Don't you feel sorry for the only one left?!

All right, people, be honest, are you all ready for Christmas?


Pamela Stone said...

Hi Laura,

I can so relate to your stress. The day job, the family, the writing, obligations. And my two elves moved out years ago, so they are of little help. They come home and bring more tiny elves with them who still need to be trained. Ha! The tiny ones did 'help' me with some of the decorations this year.

So have we completely lost the spirit of Christmas in all the chaos?

Jo said...

You sound exhausted!
There's still a week to go, plenty of time for the spirit to kick in.
I'm not ready but plan to be....

Estella said...

Just have grandchild gifts to wrap.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Pamela, I do worry that some of the fun has been lost in keeping up with expectations. We planned to scale things down this year, but somehow it's all amping up again. I did get my edits done, though, and have my most reliable elf all day tomorrow, so things are looking up!! LOL!!

Jo, luck to you finding spirit soon!! I was at the mall for an hour this afternoon and ran!! LOL!!

Estella, how old are your grandkids? I miss having toys for Christmas!!