Sunday, November 28, 2010

Checkin' His List

My oldest was born just three days after Christmas which meant she was just shy of one when her first holiday season came around. Aside from the traditional shape sorter, chubby blocks, and fabric dolls that made perfect gifts for that age, books made it into her stocking and under the tree, too.

The same held true for my youngest who was just shy of three months when her first Christmas rolled around. Granted, she hadn't even reached the book-chewing stage, but still she got books. Lots and lots of books.

Books meant cuddle time.
Books meant quiet time.
Books meant the kind of special one-on-one time with each girl that I will forever hold in a special place in my heart.

Fast forward fifteen years with the one, and twelve years with the other and the one staple under the tree each year is books. Sure, they represent slightly different things at this point in their lives, but they are no less special now than they were then.

Books offer an escape.
Books offer a place to learn.
Books offer a chance to slow things down and regroup.

And giving books gives me an excuse to roam around in the bookstore for hours on end...

Ah yes, the truth is out (don't tell anyone, okay?). :)

So how about you? Do you give books for the holidays?


P.S. I'm holding a sort of holiday contest on my alter ego's website. Each week, from now until Christmas, my blog readers have a chance to win a book for their best friend. Curious? Visit


Erin said...

Great post Laura.

Leigh Duncan said...

Wonderful post, Laura. And yes, books are always under our tree at Christmas. Books make great gifts--both given and received.

Pamela Stone said...

You bet. In addition to the ones under the tree, I typically run across a Christmas book for the grandkikds that we don't have so that enters our library before Christmas.

Joe Richardson said...

A Christmas without books would be like a Christmas without a tree. We've had books as gifts for as long as I can remember. Paperbacks make great stocking stuffers, and larger hard covers add heft and an element of mystery when packaged and wrapped with lighter gifts.

I've also bought seasonal volumes that come out with the ornaments each Christmas. So we have Christmas gifts that reappear each holiday.

Thanks for the holiday post!

susanwilson44 said...

Just bought a pile of my books for my 6 and 10 year old boys. Trying to encourage them to read as much as possible but its hard to beat the never ending game consoles etc.

Winter Peck said...

I always get our kids books, they're heavy readers just like Mom and Dad. And my youngest sister is an easy buy for me, a bookstore gift card or a particular book and I'm good to go. Even I'm an easy buy for my family, if I need a particular writing craft book I just let them know, and poof there it is for Christmas. I like to get a few things now and again, but a stack of books for Christmas, to me, is the best gift of all.

Estella said...

Great post! There has always been books under the tree for the children and grandchildren.

Obe said...

Yes, we've always given books for Christmas presents. Polar Express, Sherlock Holmes, Dirk Pitt Novels and of course Romance. Its a given. It wouldn't be Christmas without a book.


Laura Bradford said...

Nice to know others feel the same! I hope you all enjoy your holidays AND your books. :)