Friday, October 29, 2010

Finding Me

I'm less than two weeks away from the release of my first-ever holiday romance, Miracle Baby, and I'm excited for so many reasons...

First, I love this story. Maggie Monroe is reeling from the death of her beloved husband and infant daughter ten months earlier. And while each day without them has been hard, the holidays (with all their hopes and dreams) are a million times worse. She tries to put up her tree, tries to decorate, but it's simply too painful. Rory O'Brien is a carpenter in the inn where Maggie has fled to heal. Drawn to the light he's convinced is buried somewhere inside Maggie, he sets about the task of helping her live life. And he does it, by granting wishes--wishes she never even realized she had. It's a beautiful story about second chances (for both of them) and Maggie's journey toward living a life she wasn't sure she even wanted anymore.

As the release date for this book grows closer, I find myself hoping (and praying) that people will love this story as much as I do. I'm hoping, too, that it gives people hope. Because we could all use a little bit of that, couldn't we?
But there's another reason I'm excited for the release of Miracle Baby. You see, while I haven't experienced the kind of loss Maggie has, I know what it's like to try and figure out your life--to find out what excites and motivates you.

Sure, I know I love to write. That's been a constant since I was ten. But, beyond that, I'm at a point in life (as sad as it sounds) where I'm not sure what I like to do. I know what I enjoy doing with my kids...but me? That's not quite so clear.

So, in the absence of a Rory of my own (although my own special person is pretty great), I'm trying to figure that out.

I know I like to take long walks outside. I know I'd like to learn to rock climb. I know I love to wander in bookstores and read for hours. But there has to be more.

The key is finding it.

So tell me, when you have time for yourself, what do you like to do?



Gillian Layne said...

Laura, I believe that's a powerful question, and the people who know the answer are the ones who are generally happy with their lives, no matter the conditions around them.

I need books, and I need consistent doses of quiet time and outdoors. And I love to be surrounded by bright, happy colors. :)

Laura Bradford said...

Gillian, you sound a lot like me. I love my quiet time and I love being outdoors. And my favorite color is yellow because it reminds me of the sun.

Lisa Ruff said...

Nice post and it really made me think. I came to writing late in life so now, sitting in front of a compute every day is what I like. But I think it's a common problem for women to not know what they 'like'. Or rather, to not allow themselves to like something (or want it, at any rate). We get bound up in family and putting ourselves second (voluntarily and happily, most of the time). It's a challenge to change that. Having been through a bit of what you're talking about in recent years (did I mention that I came to writing late? lol), it's amazing when you get through it.

But, I like to write, I like to ski, read, sail, cook (on occasion and usually for a crowd), walk, hike, laugh. Not bad for a place to start, right?

Laura Bradford said...

Not bad at all, Lisa.

Estella said...

I use my time to read and work in my yard.
The yard work gives me time to think of all the blessings in my life.

Linda Warren said...

You're story sounds wonderful and I can't wait to read it.

Recently I had to spend four and a half months in the hospital and although that was pretty bad, I learned a valuable lesson. Life is precious. Now I love the outdoors and to feel the sunshine on my skin. I love to sit on the patio with my husband and watch the ducks and geese on the lake where we live. The ocassional deer is an added bonus. I try to enjoy life and not complain about the things I can't change.

Wow! That sounds melodramatic, but your post made me think.

Have a great day.

Julie Hilton Steele said...

Laura, I walk as well. No earbuds! I just take nature in. That has been a constant. I have done things I enjoy at varying times in my life but I am at the point of needing to learn some new things. Nothing like being stuck and chanting "what do I do?" Thanks for the reminder that this question and the answers are worth pondering.

I have your book and may just break my after-Halloween pledge to wait and start reading Christmas books. Babies and carpenters are so tempting. Sigh. I am really looking forward to it!

Peace, Julie

Laura Bradford said...

Walking is wonderful, isn't it. I guess it's good for clearing heads and giving us some much needed time to simple BE.

I hope you like the book, Julie!

Winter Peck said...

I'd love to play volleyball again--competitive volleyball. I get a fraction of the fun when I'm coaching, but I'd love to play with other people who know how and play against people who can play too.

Julie Hilton Steele said...

Laura, I just finished Miracle Baby. What a marvelous story with so much emotion, heart and hope! Loved Maggie and Rory.

Thanks for a wonderful read.

Peace, Julie

Laura Bradford said...

Winter, I think that way about an instrument sometimes. I wish I'd learned violin. I think having something like that--like volleyball for you--would have been nice.

Julie, THANK YOU!!! Between that and the 4 1/2 star Top Pick, I've got my fingers crossed people love this book!!

Lynn said...

Congrats on the RT nominations!

Laura Bradford said...

Thanks, Lynn! It's exciting!