Sunday, October 24, 2010

Break out the Bubbly!

This week I got my first glimpse of the cover of The Wedding Bargain, my January 2011 book...and I love it...which is always cause for celebration!

I was especially pleased that they included the champagne flutes on the cover because this book is set in San Francisco and Michael, the hero, runs his family’s winery.

Of course writing a book about a winery required a little research, so last New Year’s Eve my husband and I went on a wine country tour in Napa Valley.

The first stop on the tour was Domaine Chandon, a winery that produces sparkling wines.

The park-like grounds are spectacular and the winery is huge.

Yes, all these vats are brimming with bubbly.

After a quick tour and brief explanation of the traditional method for making champagne, we were treated to a tasting on the terrace, which was decorated for a New Year’s Eve party that evening. A perfect way to ring in 2010, even though it wasn’t quite noon.

Which brings me to my favorite way to serve sparkling mimosas for brunch. For each mimosa, I use three parts chilled sparkling wine to one part chilled orange juice. Simply pour the wine into a champagne flute, top with orange juice and serve. Or, for a fresh twist on this classic favorite, replace the orange juice with pomegranate juice. Delicious!

Virgin mimosas are every bit as festive. Simply replace the sparkling wine with chilled ginger ale, lemon-lime soda or tonic water.

And as always, if you drink, don’t drive. If you’re pregnant, please don’t drink at all.


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Estella said...

I would love to tour a winery!

Lee McKenzie said...

You should do it, Estella! We did a one-day touristy tour of Napa Valley that took us to four wineries, including one where we had lunch. It was fun!

Unlikely Origins said...

Romance novels & wine! Two of my favorite things :)

Looking forward to the book!

Lee McKenzie said...

Glad to hear it, Unlikely! Thanks for dropping by!

Julie Hilton Steele said...

We did the Wine Country when my husband was temporarily assigned to a job in San Francisco. Even in the winter, it is lovely.

Great cover! Looking forward to the book.

Peace, Julie

Lee McKenzie said...

I fell in love with Napa Valley, Julie. It's beautiful, and I was amazed that so many people don't even front yards. They have vineyards!

Winter said...

Lee, the cover is beautiful.

My hubby and I visited a winery in PA and it was gorgeous, even for fall. I'd love to go back and visit some other places too.

Lee McKenzie said...

Thanks, Winter! Harlequin's art department is amazing!

There are lots of wineries in the Pacific Northwest, as well. I visited one that has sheep grazing in the vineyard. So charming!

Jacqui Nelson said...

Love your new cover, Lee! Another great one. And I love your dedication to your research, too ;-)

Lee McKenzie said...

Thanks, Jacqui. I take research very seriously ;-)

Gillian Layne said...

Yum! The girls and I have been enjoying ginger ale and OJ for years. It's a fun way to start a day.

Congratulations on that upcoming release! :)

Lee McKenzie said...

Ginger ale is great, Gillian. We often mix San Pellegrino with fruit juice, too. Very refreshing and not as sweet, but champagne is still my favorite :)

Victoria Chancellor said...

Beautiful cover, Lee. I love the expression on the face of the heroine!

Lee McKenzie said...

I do, too, Victoria! Such a gorgeous smile.