Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cowgirl Sayings

Today I posted a blog over at about using Cowboy Slang in western-themed romances. After I stumbled across this website which posted a list of cowgirl sayings I decided it might be fun to give the cowgirl her own say right here, so…I surfed the internet, found a few more sayings and added them to the list.

I know the cowgirls we write about in our modern-day romances must display the proper decorum to be considered heroine material but we authors can play fast and loose with cowgirl "secondary characters." I'll be launching a new series beginning April 2011 called Rodeo Rebels. We've all heard about the "Buckle Bunnies" that follow the cowboys around the circuit and those sweet honeys make perfect secondary characters that add color and humor to our books. In Dexter: Honorable Cowboy (July 2010) I mention a buckle bunny named Roxy who hounds Dusty--Dexter's infamous "Wild" twin brother. If you've read a rodeo cowboy story then you know it just wouldn’t be any fun without a buckle bunny around to shake the cowboys' spurs loose from their boots.

Cowgirl up!
Cowboy butts drive me nuts!
So many cowboys, so little rope!
Cowgirls do it in the saddle.
If you get in the saddle, be ready for the ride!
Boots, chaps and cowboy hats… nothin’ else matters.
If it doesn’t involve ropin’, ridin’, or saddles, count me out.
Cowboys are proof that cowgirls can take a joke.
When you count your blessings, count your horse twice.
You wish you could ride like a girl.
When in doubt, let your horse do the thinking.
Tell a gelding, ask a stallion, discuss it with a mare.
My other ride is a cowboy.
Cowgirl: A better-looking cowboy with brains.
Pretty in pink…wicked in spurs.

Thanks to here's the last saying!

Have any favorite cowgirl sayings you'd like to share?

Roughneck Cowboy (Feb 2011)
Rodeo Daddy (April 2011)


Lynn said...

I don't have a cowgirl saying.. but I would love to have this bumper sticker..

My other ride is a cowboy.

Loving the Cody series right now. I've got Elly in my purse waiting for some free time.

Leigh Duncan said...

These are GREAT, Marin!

Marin Thomas said...

Lynn, thanks for sharing "My other ride is a cowboy" every woman's dream, lol! Glad you're enjoying the Codys!

Hi Leigh, yep, I thought these were fun :-)

Estella said...

Great sayings!

Pamela Stone said...

I can't think of any good cowgirl sayings either, except the name of that Big and Rich country song, "Save a horse, ride a cowboy." Does that count?

Marin Thomas said...

Hi Estella--thanks for stopping by the blog!

Yep, Pamela, your Big and Rich saying counts! :-)