Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Month, New Me!!

Winnie Griggs, Margaret Daley and an exhausted, barefooted me
after dancing all night at this year's fabulous Harlequin Party!!

What a difference a month makes!!

Hard to believe last month I was grousing on and on about how miserable and sad I would be with my kiddos off to college. Considering they are only across town at the University of Tulsa, I'm not exactly going through the same level of stress as some of my friends who've shipped their babies across state lines, but still, it took a couple of days to adjust. And now? Don't tell my kids, but the peace is wonderful!!!

I never realized how much daily angst teens generate until not being caught up in the middle of it!! He said/she said/I love this boy/I hate this boy--ARGH!!! Now, I wake to calm. No chasing to help find lost bows or books or homework, but sipping hot tea and leisurely checking on my Facebook friends. Seriously, life without teens is quite civilized!!

That said, I'm still caught in my usual deadline mayhem and haven't quite managed to get my ample behind back to the gym, but at least now when I buy the family-sized pack of Drumsticks (the ice cream cone kind), I don't have to share!! I'm pretty sure that last sentence didn't even make sense, but that's okay, too.

Mellow is the new me, and I'm liking her a whole bunch!!


Megan Kelly said...

Laura, I hear ya! I have one at home now and, while I'm still in mourning over the one at college (too far!), it is more peaceful here. I still have to get up to make sure ds gets to school (grumble grumble). I miss my dd like a constant ache, but I don't miss the arguments.

Julie Hilton Steele said...

My sister just commented how quiet the house is but that it is so wonderful to be able to do whatever she wants on Saturdays.

I do love the people my children have grown into...guess all the angst was part of the tempering process.