Friday, September 17, 2010

All About Baby

Wait a minute! Those of you who know me will realize I don’t have a baby. And, trust me, this blog post is not to let you in on any surprises along those lines. ;-)

For a writer, waiting for a book to come out is similar to going through a pregnancy. Once the manuscript is done, the production process takes about nine months. Then, when the baby makes its appearance, the proud parents want everyone to admire their beautiful offspring. And of course, they want to see their child do its best.

In my case, the “baby” in the title refers to my next Harlequin American Romance, FAMILY MATTERS, which will be making its way into the world—also known as appearing on your bookstore shelves—exactly three weeks from today!


Okay. I’ll calm down now. (Might as well, since I’ve used up my allotment of exclamation points for this month. )

In case you can’t tell, I’m very excited about welcoming Number Three. And since that seems to be my lucky number with this book, I’m again celebrating in three ways:

~ sharing a sneak preview on my web site

~ embarking on a virtual book tour—details on my blog

~ answering questions for a brief interview and giving away a copy of one of my backlist books to one lucky reader who leaves a comment at the interview site. Click here to visit “Quick Six.”

Hope you’ll check out everything above and stop back here next month, when I’ll be looking for some advice on babies—and not the manuscript kind. ;-)

All my best to you,



Barbara White Daille


Barbara White Daille said...

Hi - thanks so much for stopping by the blog today.

I'm off to the day job but will be back later this afternoon to catch up with comments.

Have a great day!


Estella said...

Congratulations on your new 'baby'.

Barbara White Daille said...

Estella - thanks so much! I'm very happy to be a proud "mama" once again.


Megan Kelly said...

YAY. Looking forward to greeting your new addition.

Barbara White Daille said...

Megan - thanks a bunch!

I can hardly believe the new arrival will be here in less than three weeks!


Barbara White Daille said...


I would just like to say thanks again to Estella and Megan for commenting here and to those of you who went directly to the “Quick Six” blog to read the interview!