Saturday, August 07, 2010

Happy to be Home by Megan

Ahh, to be home again. The best thing about traveling away from my family is the homecoming. As much as I enjoy seeing new places and meeting writers and readers, I love being with my husband and children even more. Home is my personal but lesser-known Happiest Place.

However, I admit to having a great time while gone, too.
I returned from the Romance Writers of America conference in Orlando with some fun pix. That's me on the far right with Pooh,

my kids' favorite character when they were small. The other characters are Regan Loyd, Tigger, and Kimberly Killion. :)

And, okay, even I have to admit posing with a sign that says "The American Adventure" was kind of cheesey as an author for Harlequin American. lol But y'all know I'm a sentimental, hokey person.

--And don't look at my hat hair! Kim and Regan made me take off my "Wicked" hat for this one. ;)

During dinner with the American editors, Kathleen, Johanna and Laura, I met Barbara Daly and reconnected with Laura Bradford.

Here we are at the Harlequin party. I'm waiting for a pic of the dinner from someone else's camera, which I'll post on my FaceBook page.

And I got to say Hi again to sweet friend (and fellow Farmville buddy) Laura Marie Altom at the RWA Literacy signing. Laura made me feel welcome back in 2007 at my first Harlequin American get-together, when I was totally intimidated being in a room with authors I'd read and loved. As a newly contracted author with no book, no title, no release date, I kept waiting to get tossed out on my keister as a party-crasher. I'll always remember the kindness of the people in that room, especially Laura and Cathy McDavid. (For some reason, I can't figure out how to post the pic of me and Laura, so head to my FaceBook page for that one too. It's there now.)

Now I return home, spend time with the family and start a new book! Life doesn't get much better than this.

Megan Kelly


Leigh Duncan said...

Great to see you at the RWA conference, Megan! It was a blast but, like you, I'm glad to be home and back to writing again.

Lynn said...

I was so impressed by the quality of the workshops and conference. I love meeting some of my favorite "American" authors at the same time.

Basically, conference rocked.

Estella said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all!

Megan Kelly said...

We did have a good time, Estella, but it was also work. (Can't believe I can type that with a straight face.) Meeting other authors was the higlight for me, and I got through my talk on Beginner Basics w/o too many nerves. (Can't believe I can type THAT w/o lightning striking.)

Gillian Layne said...

I had the very best time meeting all you American Romance writers in Orlando! I returned home with a nasty case of bronchitis, so I've been camping out on the couch and reading your amazing books. :)

Linda Henderson said...

I've heard nothing but good things about the conference, I wish I could have made the literacy signing.

susanwilson44 said...

Sooo jealous of all the fabulous reports and blogs I've seen about the conference. I attended the RNA conference in London in July and yours was about 10 times the size of ours! Wish I could have been there x