Thursday, July 15, 2010


I know, strange subject to blog about on a writer’s blog. However, it’s what’s on my mind this month. I’ve been blessed with many friends, but they don’t all touch my life in the same way.

I remember a friend I met in college telling me that some friends are a part of your entire life while others come into your life for a specific reason. During the loss of my father and her divorce, which neither one were even on our radar when we met, we talked nightly. I’m not sure we’d have made it through without the support. I still consider her a great friend, but now we only talk a couple times a year, just to make sure the other is okay. Not a lot to say these days.

I had three really close friends from elementary school all the way through high school. One of those wonderful women I see regularly. Our kids are friends and now our grandkids. I can’t imagine my life without her being a huge part of it. Yet the other two women, I talk to on rare occasion and exchange Christmas and birthday cards.

Neighbors – How many great people have we lived close to in our lives? Yet there is only one who I still see. Take vacations with. Keep close to my heart.

Work friends are especially interesting. I’ve met so many wonderful people and friends there. But most of them seem to fade away after one or the other of us changes jobs or companies. One woman and I shared an office for two years and went to lunch together almost daily. Great lady, yet I don’t even know where she is these days. While another friend left the company and moved to California and still drove all the way back to Texas to surprise me at my very first book signing. If she and I don’t talk weekly, we at least email. Out of the hundreds of people I’ve worked with, why did the two of us click?

Writing friends – Wow! What do I say? I’ve met so many fabulous and helpful people in the field. Yet the two women I critique with have become so tight that we don’t know how to act if we aren’t all three online every evening. Sure we love to talk about writing, but we’ve also become important people in each other’s personal lives. I hope to remain friends with a lot of my writing buddies, but these two particularly I’ll be very surprised if we ever lose touch. When I sold my first book, I called these ladies before my family.

I’m sure most everyone has had similar relationships. What makes some friendships last, while others fade away? Do you have a special girlfriend story to share?


linda s said...

Some friends come back again. In the last year my best friend from high school and university contacted me after forty years and a few weeks ago I got a card from a friend from 30 years ago sending me her email address. And it was like I just saw them yesterday. So amazing.

Pamela Stone said...

Isn't that amazing, Linda. I've reconnected with a couple people through the years too. Some friends are forever whether you talk regularly or not I guess.