Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break? Really?

I’m pulling an all-nighter. With no good reason to rise and shine early, I’ve been working late. Very late. Not only has my January 2011 release been bumped up three months earlier, but I’m working on changes to a proposal. Need I say more?

There are night people and day people, night owls and early birds. I’m of the late variety. I’ve been a night owl all my life, starting within days of my birth. Getting up early is almost an effort in futility. When working for those hourly wages, I’d much rather sleep in late, work a late shift, and return home to stay up even later, winding down after a few hours. On my own, it’s late to bed, late to rise. Sometimes it’s been possible, but rare. But it’s Spring Break Week here, and there are no grandkids needing to be taken to school. Hallelujah!

There’s a problem. Come Monday morning, we’ll be back to the 7:15 a.m. alarm going off. Now I know that isn’t early for many, but for those of us who are night owls, it’s painful. And because I’ve been crawling into bed near 6 a.m. for the past few days--or nights, depending on how you look at it--getting up an hour and fifteen minutes after closing my eyes isn’t going to cut it.

So tonight I’ll try to keep going. There’s always a chance of a short nap later this afternoon…if I’m lucky. It could mean sleeping through The Mentalist
this evening, but because I’ve only just begun watching it, a miss isn’t going to hurt too much. Easier, by far, than to continue on this schedule, come Monday.

We’ve asked this before, I think, but let’s take a poll. Night Owl? Do you enjoy the quiet after the moon has risen? Or Early Bird? Rising with or before the sun?


MJFredrick said...

I am an early bird. I've never been able to pull an all-nighter, but I can get up at 4 AM. Today I'm on Spring Break, too, so up at 7, probably the latest I've stayed in bed all week.

Pamela Stone said...

I am a night owl (square peg) forced into an early bird (round hole) routine for the past 24 years by the day job. How I long for the freedom of retirement.

Estella said...

Early bird all my life.

Reese Mobley said...

Early bird. My favorite time of the day is right after my husband leaves for work and the only kid still at home is still in bed. I always wished I was a night owl though. :)

Lois said...

For me, I don't think I like any of it anymore. LOL I hate getting up in the morning before 7, prefer going to sleep at night as soon as I can, 8 during weekends, 9 during the week. . . problem probably is I don't sleep soundly all the way through, so all those times I get up add up. I'm back in school now, first spring break in a few years. . . never understood other college kids going on a trip, seeing how we always seemed to have papers or other homework to do, but hey, it's just me. LOL


Joanne Graves said...

I've trained myself to be an early riser now, just because the morning hours are so nice - no phone, no one else is awake, can get some work done - magic! When my kids were little and were in bed at a decent hour, I loved the night hours for the same reasons.

CC Coburn said...

Hi Roxann, Great topic! I couldn't get up early if my life depended on it.
while I cn understand those who say they can work in the early hours of the morning while it's quite before the family gets up, but then once they do, the day is shot to pieces! Far better to get them fed and off to bed (including the husband!) and then I have the house to myself to work until I want to go to bed. I used this strategy recently while staying at a spa, worked till 3 am, rose at 11am, ate dinner at 2am! Wish I could get away with that at home. :-)