Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hubby & Son in Mexico last summer!!

Happy Time Change!! Ugh. LOL!! The clock might say it's noon, but I feel more like six AM!!

My friends all tease me that my life is never boring, and the past few days have certainly proven their point!! On Friday, Hubby was supposed to leave for South Africa. We've been shopping for adapters and luggage locks and specialty batteries for some oddball work thingee of his and making sure all of his medications are filled. We finally got everything ready when an hour before he was due at the airport, the phone rang. It was his doctor, telling him he had diabetes. Upon dropping him at the airport, he was still shaken. I assured him that I'll do everything I can to help him change his diet for the better--lord knows I could drop a few LBs myself!!

Tulsa traffic was insane!! Gridlock and construction and rain in all directions!! It took over an hour to make the normally fifteen minute trek. Hannah and I had just gotten home, lit a fire and settled in for a lazy Friday night when the phone rang. Bad weather in Atlanta caused Hubby's flight to be canceled. Back out into the cold rain we went to pick him up.

With Hubby home, we scrambled to find him something safe to eat. His doctor advised cutting all sugar and white flour products. I had no idea how tough that is!! I made a spinach salad with black beans and grilled chicken, but when it came time to pour on the dressing, even the low-calorie versions are loaded with sugar. I finally resorted to sending the kids out for sugar-free dressing.

I've always been a firm believer in everything happening for a reason and this time is no exception. Friday, my sweet, funny Hubby was pretty shaken up about his diagnosis. Since then, we've done lots of online research and discovered that this isn't a death sentence, but lifestyle change. I'm doing it with him, and it's hard, but we'll make it through. Had he kept to his original schedule, I think his trip would've been ruined by worry. Now, this little extra time to form a nutrition plan has made all the difference.

As a reward, fate gifted him a much simpler direct from Atlanta to Johannesburg flight, as well as a three-day weekend to spend exploring while he's there.

Last night, I fooled around in the kitchen and came up with a chicken, shrimp and brown rice gumbo that was delicious. Hubby made us a spinach omelet for breakfast. Yes, we'll miss Domino's and I-Hop, but after having been married for twenty-one years, we figure we might as well try for thirty or forty more!!


Estella said...

My best friend has diabetes. She has found if she cuts down on carbs, her blood sugar stays down.

Laura Marie Altom said...

Estella, Hubby was told to cut all white flour carbs. He's allowed to have anything 100% whole grain. I didn't realized how refined our diet had become!!

Linda Warren said...

Last year our seven year old niece found out she has diabetes. It's been life changing for the whole family. It was traumatic for her at first, but now she's learned to monitor her own diet.

Hope you and your husband adjust quickly. It's eye opening how unhealthy we eat. Ye gads!!!

Gillian Layne said...

You'll be in my prayers. It is a lifestyle change, but we try to imagine our blood actually being healthier and running cleaner and smoother through our veins and arteries. My mom was diagnosed, and two of our three daughters are pre-diabetic. I'm keeping your chicken and black bean salad in mind-sounds good!

Laura Marie Altom said...


Hugs for your niece. It's amazing to me how kids seem to adjust to these things better than grown-ups. I think there's something to that old dogs not learning new tricks cliche!!!

Gillian---Thanks for the prayers!! We'll take'em!! Hubby and I are doing great, but our three teens are going into junk food meltdown. Hubby finally set off for Africa and the first thing our daughter did was fix brownies.

Hubby and I both noticed that even after a few days of eating better, we felt great!! I think this will be positive for us both, but I'm so glad the kids are almost grown. The whining is getting old!!

Hugs and praying winging out to your family as well!!

Virginia C said...

I am sorry to hear about your husband's diagnosis. However, having your support and encouragement will be of immeasurable help! Making the food and lifestyle changes together will make a big difference for you both! There's a lot of great information and recipes on the web to make the change easier! Best of luck : )

Laura Marie Altom said...

Virginia--thanks for your advice!! I've been on the web quite a bit and it's amazing how many recipes and tips there are!!