Friday, January 08, 2010

BACK TO NORMAL...or close

All the decorations are down and stored away for another year. My life is back to normal and I’m happy. We had three family gatherings at our house over the holidays and I’m holidayed out. I’d planned to get some writing done in between shopping, decorating, cleaning and cooking, but it never happened. I was usually too tired to think.

We had an eventful Christmas. It snowed on Christmas Eve. In Texas! I don’t ever remember that happening before. We were at my brother’s for lunch and the kids started screaming, “It’s snowing. It’s snowing.” We thought they were joking, but as we looked out the window we could see beautiful white snowflakes falling. It was just gorgeous. It felt like Christmas. The temperature was 38 degrees so the snow didn’t stick, but it was such fun to watch. We live about thirty minutes from my brother and when we arrived home later that afternoon, tiny snowflakes were falling at our house. I took a photo from our patio but I don’t know if you can see them. West of Dallas received the big snowfall and it was difficult for travelers. We’re not used to this. It was a Christmas we won’t soon forget. Last year it was in the seventies on Christmas Day. What a difference.

Here’s my two-year-old great niece Addie wishing everyone a Happy New Year, except she says ear and leaves out new. Happy ear everyone.
Now it’s back to work. New Year. New Contract. New goals. It’s like the start of a new journey and I’m so ready to get started. All through the holidays the stories were running through my head and it’s nice to have peace and quiet to type my thoughts into my computer. And I love the quiet. I need quiet to write. But the crazy computer is acting up. I think it missed me.

Did you survive the holidays? January 4th most people went back to work. I can hear the groans across the miles. I like a schedule though, not that I stick to it. But, oh yeah, I like normal. How about you?

Skylar’s Outlaw - Jan ‘10


Leigh Duncan said...

Ah, Linda, Addie is precious! Glad to hear you have your house back in order and are busy on the next book.

We spent the holidays with family in Maryland, but we're back in Florida now. I think we brought the winter chill with us. The weatherman is predicting snow showers for tomorrow morning. Like you, I can't remember the last time that happened.

Linda Warren said...

Thank you. Addie is a doll and I love talking to her. She talks with serious eye expressions.

It's bitterly cold here. The worse winter we've've had in years. Good thing I'm busy writing because I'm not getting out in these freezing cold temperatures.


shelley galloway said...

OH, Linda. That Addie is a cutie! Yay on your snow! It's been snowing here for two days! I don't mind it, though. It gives me an excuse to sit in a chair and read.

Congrats on your contracts, and having the quiet to write. I, too, need that quiet.

Linda Warren said...

Thank you.

Texas is having a bad winter, as it seems to be all over the country. It's a good excuse to stay home.

Stay warm. Hope the beagle is doing okay.

Nicole S said...

I just started taking down the Christmas decorations today, always makes me sad when I do.

Addie is too cute!

Linda Warren said...


I know the feeling. My house looks kind of bare without it. Even though I'm glad to get my life back, I miss some parts of the holidays - all the partying and fun. LOL.


Estella said...

Took down my decorations and tree the day after Christmas. Normal is good.

Linda Warren said...


I wasn't that fast. We took everything down on the 30th. Yes, normal is good.


Marcie said...

I was one who went back to work on Jan 4th. I'm sure I groaned.
Addie is adorable.
Congrats on the contract!!!
Five inches of snow in Ohio on the 7th. Very light - easy to shovel.

Anonymous said...

Addie should be in a movie or in one of those Baby Gap adds. Too cute...and that smile reaching her eyes could light up a christmas tree all on its own!

Linda Warren said...


I knew someone was goaning. I heard you. LOL

Thank you. Addie is so sweet. She's not shy and talks up a storm.

Everyone here was wishing for snow. If we had gotten it, I'm sure we would have been complaining. It's just the whole white Christmas thing.


Linda Warren said...


Thank you. She's a sweetie with personality plus. I don't think she'd have a problem acting. She loves attention.


Linda Henderson said...

Normal, I forgot what that is. We have had ice, snow, and sub-zero chill factor temperatures for the last couple of weeks. Snow & ice on the ground since Christmas Eve. It hasn't reached a high enough temperature to melt it yet. I'm sick of winter already. Maybe I wouldn't mind it so much if I didn't have RA and the cold bothers me and I use a walker so I'm afraid to get out. Yes, I haven't been out of my apartment since Christmas Eve. My kids have always called me a hermit, but this is a long time without going out even for me. So my fingers are crossed for warmer weather to melt this junk off.

Linda Warren said...

Oh, Linda, hugs on all that bad weather. Since I also have RA I know what you're going through. We've had freezing temperatures here for four days and it's been bad. The sun is out today and I believe our cold spell is over...for now.

Hoping you're back to normal soon.


down to earth said...

1st visit,.. Nice blog,.

Linda Warren said...

Down to earth,
Thank you! Come back often. We love visitors here.