Sunday, January 03, 2010

Almost Over

Here at our house, Christmas break is almost over. Tomorrow, my daughter starts back to school. On Wednesday, my husband and I will drive our son to the airport so he can head back to college.

I don't know about y'all, but I'm thinking that we have all had just about enough of Christmas vacation. I thrive on schedules, and living almost a month with our vacationing college freshman and for two weeks with a sleeping-in high school junior pretty much means I get no sleep. For the last few weeks, ten o'clock doesn't mean bedtime for me. Oh, means the night has just begun.

Unfortunately for me, the beagle never got that memo and insists on waking me up every morning at six. So, I've been a little sleepy.

This morning we all went to church together and then celebrated our last full day together by going out to brunch. That's a rare treat for us. Usually no one wants to stand and wait for thirty minutes for a table. But we used the time together to reflect on some of December's highlights. I thought I'd share a few of them with y'all.

* We hosted twelve people for Christmas. Amazingly, I was able to ask everyone invited to help cook every meal. So, everything turned out great.

* My family has now learned how to play Mad Gab and-Big Surprise-I'm the worst player. (I have no competitive spirit)We also played marathon games of Hearts. I lost all the time, too.

* We went to four movies, including Avatar in 3-D. How fun were those 3-D glasses?

* My sister-in-law made her amazing homemade truffles, the beagle ate them, and vomited all over the kitchen floor at midnight on Christmas Eve.

*We shopped and ate and shopped and ate some more-including my son, who for the first time in six years, was not watching his weight for wrestling.

*I read seven books over break-my husband Tom read even more than that on his new favorite toy...the Kindle.

* Somehow, through it all, I managed to write 70 pages.

Now, though, our break is just about over. Soon, the house will be dark by eleven, I'll be writing by 7:30, our son will call us when he needs money, and my husband will be traveling again. In short, things will return to normal.

It's time. But before January is gone, I know I'll miss the noise and the crazy schedules too. I'll miss the mess and the laughter and the chaos. No doubt, I'll wish we had just a few more days of it all.

Anyone have something they'll miss?

Happy New Year!



Linda Warren said...

I won't miss a thing. I just glad all the shopping, cooking and partying is over and I can get back to work. As always, I overdo.

Looking forward to a new year.

Happy New Year!

Estella said...

I WON'T miss the crowded stores.

shelley galloway said...

Linda and Estella, both of you have good points! Today I'm taking my son to lunch. I'm really looking forward to being able to find a parking place!

Linda Henderson said...

I won't miss the crowds either. I will miss the family time though.

Heather Webber said...

I'm already missing the decorations. Everything looks so cozy wrapped in Christmas cheer.

And 70 pages?! I need some of your discipline!

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Shelley, loved the tales of your holiday season. Poor beagle with the truffles! But I know what you mean about the schedules. My husband was off work for two weeks, a few days of which we spent at the beach (I want to go back!), but he went back to work today. I actually got up at a decent hour and have been back at my normal work routine this morning. Feels good.

Oh, and I LOVED Avatar. Loved it. Have seen it twice -- once in 2-D at the beach and once in 3-D once we got home.

shelley galloway said...

Linda, you said it perfectly. I hope you had a nice holiday with your family, too!

shelley galloway said...

Heather, we cleaned up those decorations on the 26th. I still seem to be rooting out dust bunnies!
However, sitting by the fire doesn't seem near as cozy since there's no twinkling lights on the mantle.

And, umhum...Heather we both know you can produce 20 pages a day. I have to do that slow and steady turtle thing...

shelley galloway said...


Our beagle was super naughty. She ate my nephew's vitamins, my niece's chocolates and my son's sunflower seeds. She chewed up my printer cable when we locked her in my office during Christmas dinner, too.

Thank goodness for the movies! I'm glad you liked Avatar, too. We saw It's Complicated on Saturday night. My husband was bored, but I loved it!

Victoria Chancellor said...

Christmas and New Years came and went so quickly for me this year. I didn't get to savor it much. We didn't even put up a tree! I decorated some but not enough. Next year will be different (I say that nearly every year!) I have to get back to the real world and write a book by Feb. 15th, so I guess it's a good thing I didn't have many decorations to take down. Happy New Year, everyone.