Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy 2010!! With New Year's Eve tomorrow, I thought it might be fun to do a glitzy party decoration for this month's craft. Thanks to for this pic that, for me anyway, inspires all sorts of centerpiece possibilities. Martha, being the fabulous Martha, she has glittered lemons with velvet leaves. Seeing how I'm still snowed in from Tulsa's Christmas Blizzard, I don't have lemons and I'm not brave enough to beg Hubby to brave our icy hill to get them, I did a quick survey of supplies on hand and was surprised by how many things could be used.

Apples either glittered or rolled in sugar. Colorful metal balls stolen from the Christmas tree. Oranges stacked with clippings from the evergreen bushes in the front yard. How about a pile of mini-gifts wrapped with sparkly tin foil? Wind any color ribbon through it and voila--your house is just as great as Martha's!! If your roads are clear enough to host a party, you could even stack up your snacks on a pretty cake plate or fancy bowl!!

Can you tell I love parties?! Anyway, hope you have fun!! And please send pics of your masterpieces!!

Happy New Year!!


Linda Henderson said...

I hope everyone has a very Happy New Year.

robynl said...

that table set does look impressive; I love centrepieces although most often the food takes up most of the table space and I can't do an impressive centrepiece like I would like to do. I tend to use centrepieces when there are only 4-6 people around the table.
Happy New Year to you and yours.