Monday, November 23, 2009

Five Glorious Days

I'm scrambling this week in an effort to get ready to leave for the long holiday weekend (taking my mom up to my cabin in Young). As I juggle seven things at once, I dream about having an entire week - five glorious days - off all to myself. Now, don't get me wrong, I take a couple weeks vacation every year, but it's always a trip. You know the kind I'm talking about. The trips where you work extra hard in order to go and then extra hard when you get back catching up on everything.

As I was walking my dogs this morning before work, I got to thinking about what I would do with an entire five days off to myself. It wasn't hard.

On day one, I do nothing. Okay, doing nothing isn't realistic. What I mean is I'd have no obligations whatsoever. I wouldn't have to drive my son to class or run to the bank or dash home from the office to meet the plumber who's fixing my broken water heater. I'd sleep in until I woke up. Then I'd lay around and watch TV or read a book (wouldn't that be bliss?). Next, I'd take a nap (are you seeing a sleeping trend here?). When I was hungry, I'd lumber over to the phone and order pizza.

On days two and three, I'd write. UNINTERRUPTED writing! Writing where I could finish more than a page and a half before the phone rang or my son needed to locate something that would bite him in the nose if it was any closer. Writing where the pages practically wrote themselves because the ideas flowed nonstop.

On day four I would take care of all that writing related stuff that has been piling up for months. I'd update my webpage. I'd judge those contest entries. I'd work on a new book trailer. I'd put together a fall newsletter. I'd set up a Facebook account!

On day five, I'd spend a full twelve hours refilling my inner well doing things just for me. I'd go shopping and buy a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes or a new purse that I just 'had to have'. Maybe I'd drive down to Tempe Town Lake and walk the perimeter, something I've been wanting to do for five years, ever since they built the lake! I'd definitely meet a friend for lunch or coffee and spend a good two hours catching up. Sounds really nice, doesn’t it?

Maybe one of these days soon….

Oh, did you notice not once during these five days did I mention doing a load of laundry?

So, how would you spend five days all to yourself?

Warmest wishes,

Cathy McDavid


Linda Henderson said...

Since my time is my own I usually spend my time doing a little housework, then reading, usually while watching tv.

Gillian Layne said...

With one child in grade school and two in high school, I cannot even imagine this. I'd settle for five hours to myself (five conscious hours ;).

I love how you've outlined your time. Makes me want to call my best friend and schedule a coffee break.

Leigh Duncan said...

Five days to myself? Not cook! Or clean or do laundry. Actually, my DH goes on a week-long fishing trip each May, and I take the opportunity to shut down the kitchen and re-seal the countertops. Which means, I get to eat out each day. A fav treat.

Nicole S said...

If I had 5 days to myself I would most likely spend most of it reading. I'd also catch up on my scrap-booking.

Cathy McDavid said...

I'm all for reading, NO cooking, eating out, coffee breaks and watching TV.

I like the way you ladies think :)

Cathy Mc

Lynn said...

I've got 9 days. But only 4 left. They fly by a lot faster than when I'm working. Although I've gotten some work done, I've had to set aside time for house cleaning AND laundry.

Reading will come tomorrow after dinner.