Thursday, October 01, 2009

Tuning In

It’s my blogging day, and here are a couple of less-than-thrilling possible topics that flitted through my brain:

· How I’ve avoided running for any sort of office since a humiliating defeat in high school for president of the drama club. I lost even though I’d founded the drama club, it was our very first meeting, and the guy who got elected never called another meeting.

· How I nevertheless decided to serve on the board of my local RWA chapter, and only I’m going to miss the first meeting, so I hope they'll all bear with me.

· How I’ve battled pests in my garden all summer and am on the verge of throwing in the trowel (pun intended) because of white grubs. Any tips?

However, instead, I’m going to talk about something brilliant and intellectual. That is, the new TV season.

If you’re like most of my friends, you a) don’t own a TV set, b) are too busy serving on the school board, homeowners’ board or PTA board to watch TV, or c) are too busy out battling grubs.

That leaves just a few of us. So gather round…

Each fall, my husband and I sample numerous new series, but quickly drop most. However, we’re thrilled when we find one we like. So far, the biggest winner among the new series, for us, is “Flash Forward.” I also like “The Good Wife.” Anyone else enjoy those?

Not crazy about “Mercy,” “Vampire Diaries” (sorry, vampire lovers) or “Eastwick.” Re the latter, I’m a huge Paul Gross fan but I’m not keen on watching him channel Jack Nicholson, plus I also find the premise unpleasant. Basically, as far as I can tell, it’s “Let’s go sell our souls to the devil and have a rousing good time!”

Aside from wonky premises, what turns me off in a series? Biggest bugaboo: generic writing. An obvious opening scene that could have come from any of dozens of movies immediately raises my hackles. So do stereotypical characters and predictable plotlines.

I know there are people who think all romance novels are predictable because there’s always a happy ending. Well, the same is true of murder mysteries, right? It’s a given that the hero/heroine will solve the crime and prevail over the bad guy. The trick is making it all seem fresh.

So here’s to good writing, wherever you find it. And I hope, for you, that includes us hardworking scribblers at Harlequin American.


Lynn said...

Love The Good Wife. Haven't seen Flashforward yet. (I don't think my DVR recorded the good wife on Tuesday....hummmm) Trying to like the Vampire Diaries, but it's just not there.

Linda Henderson said...

I really haven't started watching anything new. I'm sticking with my old favorites NCIS,Desperate Housewives,Brothers and Sisters, and Dancing With The Stars.

Melisse Aires said...

Glee and Big Band Theory have both caught my attention with their humor. So much in life seems so grim right now, the funny shows seem to be the only ones to catch my attention.

Jacqueline Diamond said...

Isn't it interesting how different shows appeal to different people?

I must say, I enjoy fantasy and s.f. if well done. I also like humor. Looking forward to the return of "Ugly Betty;" if only it weren't on opposite several other shows I watch!

Thanks for tuning in.

shelley galloway said...

Hi Jackie,

Lately, I've be in a strange cooking reality show mood. I love Top Chef, Chopped, and just about anything on the Food Network. My husband and daughter are liking Modern Family. Me? I'm finding them a little bit irritating! Oh, I did like that new NICS LA. : )