Saturday, October 03, 2009


Do you remember your high school’s homecoming week? To be honest, I really don’t. I remember girls would get giant mum corsages, complete with red and white ribbons and little plastic footballs and helmets hanging from them. There was a dance in our gym. I was on our high school’s drill team (in Houston, Texas, y’all), so we were always getting ready for the big half-time show. Every once in a while my parents would ask me how things were going. That’s about it.

To put it simply, my experiences pale in comparison to what’s been going on around here. My daughter’s a high school junior and preparations for Saturday’s dance have been 1) all-consuming, 2) expensive 3) full of drama and…(we really can’t stress this too much) 4) all-consuming. Every time my husband tries to get involved or offer an opinion, he messes things up, so I’ve had to pretty much ask him to be the Silent Participant. He’s allowed to smile, offer compliments, and pay for things.

The drama all started when she almost broke up with her boyfriend. Well, she did, for twenty-four hours. As soon as she did, she was asked to the dance by boyfriend’s best friend (!) with roses in the middle of Algebra. (no, that never, ever happened to me either…but wouldn’t it have been cool?) My daughter took the roses, said yes to the friend, and then dealt with the aftermath. Almost-Ex got jealous, begged her to take him back.

Now, she’s going to the dance with one boy, and leaving with boyfriend. Everyone seems just fine with this arrangement. Except, maybe, me…who’s going to the pre-homecoming dinner party to take pictures of my daughter with the boy who’s only Date Number 1.

After all this got figured out. (and boy, did y’all get the short version), the shopping began. New dress, new shoes. Search for the perfect purse. Yesterday was nail appointment day. Her hair appointment is this afternoon. Flowers have been ordered. I volunteered to make dessert for the 30 kids who are having dinner together at another’s house. She’ll do the dinner and the dance and the slumber party with all the girls.

And then, on Sunday, it will all be over. She works at an orchard, so she’ll go back to her regular job at the apple house selling Honey Crisp apples. My husband and I will look at each other and be so relieved...and then will most likely be sad.

Only one more homecoming after this…and then it will be all over. Done.

We know this because although these last two weeks have been crazy, another homecoming has been on all our minds. Late Wednesday night, our son will come home for five days for his fall break. He’s been in Alabama and we’ve missed him terribly.

Our son’s homecoming will involve a big hug and lots of cooking, I imagine. His goals for the week include sleeping, seeing the weiner dog, and eating pot roast. Maybe a round of golf. As long as he's here, it sounds like heaven.

So here’s to high school traditions and college homecomings.
And to having friends to tell about it all…

I know I’m not the only one who’s gone through all this. Anyone have a good homecoming story to share? About a kid? About you? I’d love to commiserate.



Linda Henderson said...

Ah, I remember those days. My daughters are 33 and 27 so it's been a while since I went through that. The shopping for the perfect dress,shoes and accessories. Getting the hair and nails done. I was a divorced mom so I had to foot the bill for all of this myself. Sometimes it was tough but we made it through. Take plenty of pictures so you can enjoy them later when she is moved out and on her own. They grow up so fast.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a plot! You need to take your daughter's experience and turn it into a young adult romance novel!

I only have boys but I hope they end up being the type to give roses in unexpected places. Poor guy, he must have been holding back for so love with his best friend's girl. Then right when he though he had the chance...

Are the guys still friends?

shelley galloway said...

Dear Linda,

It sure does go by fast, doesn't it? She's excited, so I'm excited for her. I have a feeling one day we'll look back on this time and laugh.


shelley galloway said...

Hi anonymous, : )

Yes, those boys are still friends. I'm so glad I haven't had to get involved except to be a good listener! It's been way too crazy...I couldn't make it up!

Thanks for commenting,


Laura Bradford said...

Fun post, Shelley. Wow, I can only imagine the drama. Glad they worked out something that was okay with everyone though.


Marcie said...

I have no story to tell. I didn't go to my school's homecoming. I remember my sister going with a boy named Tommy and seeing a picture of them and him in a light blue suit (yes this was the 70's)!

Only other way to contribute - a friend I work with told me her daughter was voted Homecoming Queen.

p.s. do you have an American Romance in the works?

shelley galloway said...

Hi Laura,

Yes, with two girls, I know you can imagine the drama! I, for one, am glad to just be the bystander. : )

She looked pretty last night and woke up with sore feet. Oh, those days! I spent my Saturday night watching old episodes of the Next Iron Chef...


shelley galloway said...

Hi Marcie,

Here's my secret, I was never invited to Homecoming, either. I'm still bummed about that!

Yes, after a bit of a dry spell, I'll have two Americans coming out in 2010. Baby Makes Six in January, Second Chance Hero in June. I've turned in a third, My Fair Cowboy, but don't have a release date on that one yet.

Thanks for asking, and I hope you're doing well!


Linda Warren said...

Your post was hilarious. I'm glad the boys are still friends. Drama and teenagers go hand-in-hand.


shelley galloway said...


your comment is so true! I'm so glad I'm not a teenager,though receiving a bouquet of flowers would be awfully exciting...


Marcie said...

Thanks Shelley for the titles!
And I'm doing well. Thanks for asking!