Thursday, October 08, 2009

Have you had your flu shot?

I told my husband the other day that he needed to get a flu shot. I had a doctor’s appointment and was getting mine then. I reminded him that there was a drugstore not far from our house, no appointment, no wait, just walk in, sign papers, pay and get one. So he agreed to go.

Over an hour later he came back furious. What was supposed to take minutes took forty-five. There were so many people getting shots that there was a line. He filled out his papers while he waited and when it was his turn he handed them to the girl. She keyed something into the computer. A woman came up and asked a question about the form she was filling out. The girl helped her and then came back to my husband. She looked at the computer and then at him.

“Mr. Warren, have you had your flu shot?” she asks.

“No, I’m waiting,” he replies.

“I mean before today.”

I can see him frowning about now. “I wouldn’t be here if I had.”

“Our computer says you’ve already received a shot.”

“Your computer is wrong.”

“I’ll have to get the pharmacist to sort this out,” she tells him. “Please have a seat and he’ll be with you shortly.”

He takes a seat and waits, and waits. Thirty minutes later he’s still waiting.
My husband has no patience and I was surprised he sat that long. He gets up and tells the girl he’s leaving.

Looking a little confused, she says she’s sorry. She forgot about him, and she’d get the pharmacist right away. He comes, looks at my husband's paperwork and then at the computer. He stares at the girl and says, “You put it in twice. Look at the dates and times, they’re thirty seconds apart.”

The girl again apologizes, but the hubby gets his shot and leaves as fast as he can. Took him the rest of the day to de-tress. But he got his shot!

Last Tuesday I went to my doctor’s appointment and planned to get my shot. She didn’t have any. She was shorted on her order, and I was told to go to the drugstores or supermarkets. They all had a good supply. I didn’t understand this. Doctors can’t get them, but drugstores and supermarkets can. Boggles my mind.

But I bit the bullet and went to the same store my husband had (it was only fair). The line was long and people were complaining. Several had come from doctor’s appointments like me. I waited it out to get a shot. When it was my turn, the nurse rubbed my upper arm with alcohol and said, “It’ll just be a little sting.”

I’m not squeamish, but I looked down and saw the nurse was wearing cowboy boots under her tan slacks and white smock. They were brown with red tops. I was so startled by the sight I didn’t even feel the sting. I’d never seen a nurse wear boots on the job.

Only in Texas, I thought, and I have to put this in a book.

Now we’ve both had our shots, and stories to tell. If you want to get my husband going just ask about his flu shot.

Have you had yours? Or plan to?

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Anonymous said...

I'm from TX but I've been living in Northwestern VA for nine years now. My kids and I got our flu shots early and, since we live further out in the country, lines were not an issue.

The big deal now is the swine flu shot. Believe it or not, and I don't think this has been done in awhile, our county is planning a county-wide vaccination in the schools during the school day (parental consent of course). They're starting with the younger kids and working their way up. I was going to skip that one until we got the school memo!

Lynn said...

I'm getting my flu shot at work. It's a little cheaper and they will payroll deduct.

But the Swine Flu shot? I'm not convinced. And the more they hype it, the less likely I am to get one. Paranoid? Probably, but I did read The Stand....

Linda Warren said...

The swine flu shot is another issue. We only got the regular shot. Several schools are closed in our area because of the flu. School officials are pushing for the H1N1 shot for kids, but some parents are not convinced.

And I was told by my doctor that if you're born before 1957, you don't have to worry about it. There was a big epidemic in the early fifties and if your were alive during that time you're immune to the swine flu. Don't know if I believe that or not, but for once it's good to be a old dog. LOL

Linda Warren said...

There's a lot of hype about side effects around here, so I'm not crazy about getting one either.

That's great you can get your shot at work. There's been such an outbreak of the flu that you can get a shot just about anywhere, but the doctor's office. LOL But it's super your employer is making the shots available. And easy.


EllenToo said...

Last time I had a flu shot was back in the dark ages. I had one when I was in high school and had such a violent reaction to it I was told never to have one again. And my reaction to the regular flu shot will keep me from having the swine flu shot even if there wasn't a lot of hype about it.

Ann Roth said...

Linda- What stories! Your poor hubby. And you, too. My husband and I had our flu shots yesterday. No muss, no fuss. After reading your story, I realize how lucky we were.

Linda Warren said...

Hi Ellen,
I have a friend who had a reaction to the flu shot years ago and she can't take them either. They always ask if you're allergic to eggs and she isn't, so I guess some people just can't tolerate the vaccine. Oh, the things we do to stay healthy.

Here's hoping the flu doesn't come your way. Or mine. Or anyone else's.


Linda Warren said...

I wish I had had my camera with me. I wanted to take a picture of her boots. And I wanted to ask questions, but people were waiting.

Hubby still complains, but we're armed for the flu season.LOL


Estella said...

My husband and are getting ours next week.

Linda Warren said...

Hi Estella,
I hope you have better luck than we did. Bottom line is - we got them and we're ready for the flu season. If you can ready for such a thing. LOL

Linda Henderson said...

I have an autoimmune disorder (rheumatoid arthritis) so doctors have always been leary about giving me pneumonia or flu shots. Right now I'm suffering with a horrible sinus infection that has just about wiped me out. My grandkids have had the flu mist though.

Linda Warren said...

Hi Linda,
I have RA, too, and my doctor always insist that I get one. I have a hard time fighting off any type of cold or infection. I'll ask my doctor about this next time I go.

Hugs on the sinus infection. Those are so painful because they make your whole head hurt.

Take care,

nicolerko said...

I'm not planning on getting it. I don't react well to any shot. I get sick and my arms ache for days afterwards. So if I don't have to, I don't get the shot.

Linda Warren said...

I know several people who have a reaction to the shot and don't take them. And I know people who take the shot and still get the flu. So who knows? No one wants to get sick and the scare of H1N1 has everyone nervous.

If the shot makes you ill, I wouldn't take it either.

Have a great weekend

CC Coburn said...

LOL! Linda i loved the distraction the nurse provided with her fancy boots! I'm glad you're using it in a story.
Every time I've had a flu shot I've ended up sick as a dog that winter. I'm passing on them and relying on my supply of Relenza instead. :-)

Linda Warren said...

Hey CC,
I wonder about the flu shots - to take or not? The doctor says take, so that's what I've been doing. Good luck with the Relenza.

I wanted to asks so many questions of the nurse with the fancy boots, but it wasn't the place. So I'll make up my own story. That's what authors do, right? LOL


Anonymous said...

For those of you who get a bad reaction to the flu shot, esp. around the site of injection, consider the possibility that you're allergic to thimerosol (mercury). There is a flu shot that's thimerosol free for those allergic.

Also, I think it's usually the flu mist (live virus) that's contraindicated in folks with an autoimmune disorder. The flu shot (inactivated virus) should be okay, but check with your doctor.