Monday, October 05, 2009

Fall harvest

We have two pear trees in our yard, and every September-October they give us tons of pears. In the past I’ve made pear butter, spicy pear chutney, canned pears, pear pies (I freeze them) and pear pie filling. (Lots of work!!!) I’ve also given away bags full to friends and the local food bank.

Last year I got tired of all that canning and switched to freezer vanilla pear jam. Which takes a fraction of the time and effort and tastes delicious! This stuff is so tasty, I made two batches this year. Also pies. But that’s it! The rest we’re eating and sharing with friends. Oh, and I took a bag to Treehouse, the foster care agency where I so volunteer tutoring one afternoon a week. The kids loved them!

(If anyone wants the recipe for pear pie, which is to die for, email and I’ll send it to you.)

I’m curious–Do you grow fall crops in your yard? If so, what do you grow and what do you do with more produce than you can handle?

Until next time, and happy harvests,


Lynn said...

Our garden was great this year. So I went back to canning tomatoes. And we had way too many cherry tomatoes to eat so I made paste out of them. Now I need to figure out what to do with the bags of jahlolpena peppers wer have.

Anonymous said...

I slice the extra tomatoes and dry them in this inexpensive food dehydrator. I then put them in a jar and add salt, italian seasoning (or similar spices - I leave out garlic bc I'm allergic) and a few red pepper flakes and cover them up with extra virgin olive oil. Put on the lid, refrigerate, and after a few days you have "sundried tomatoes" to use in pasta recipies all winter.
It will last refrigerated for months.

I also make homemade butter pickles with extra cucumbers and use the same pickling recipe on banana peppers and green tomatoes. Better Homes and Gardens had a great pickling recipe recently (in the last month or two).

Fresh herbs, like basil, don't have to be dried. I wash, remove stems, pat dry and put in a ziploc then pop in the freezer. It's like having fresh basil in sauces all winter. All other herbs, like mint, I dry in my dehydrator and use in tea or salads all winter.

Linda Henderson said...

I live in an apartment now so I don't get to have a garden. I used to really enjoy growing my herbs, especially mints and basils. I love fresh garden veggies and fresh fruit.

Ann Roth said...

Lynn- What a good idea for the little tomatoes! Sadly, many of ours went to waste because I didn't think to do what you did. As for the peppers, how about jalapeno jam? I'm sure there are many great recipes on the 'net.

Anonymous- I like your dried tomato recipe, too. Sounds delicious! Wish I could come over and try those pickles. Thanks for the tips on basil leaves, too. I had no idea you could freeze them!

Linda- There are pea-patches, you know. At least here in Seattle. People rent a little patch of land in a communal area and grow to their hearts' content.