Saturday, May 16, 2009

Heroes--The Nerdy Kind

What's not to like about a Nerd Hero?

When I think of a Romantic Nerd I think of a man who wears Clark Kent glasses, a pocket protector, has keen, intelligent eyes. A man who looks a lady in the eye when she speaks and actually listens to what she says. A Nerd is a man who's constantly thinking--even in a crisis he'll stop and think before reacting. These intelligent guys treat the loves of their life with care and will risk embarrassment to win her trust and affection. If a woman can catch a Nerd's attention long enough to pull them away from their current obsession she'll discover that when a Nerd focuses on her, all that High IQ and depth of feeling is hers for the taking. And Nerds excell in the bedroom because they approach making love like a science experiment--they don’t quit until they get it right!

In Book 3 of my Cartwright Siblings series, Samantha's Cowboy (Aug 2009), my heroine falls for a Nerd. He's even got a Nerdy name--Wade. I had a lot of fun creating Wade. Like a true Nerd he's not absorbed with his own looks and could care less about Samantha's shortcomings--he loves her just the way she is. And Wade's a sexy cowboy Nerd! See the book cover here

But Nerds are not perfect--what hero is? Nerds tend to believe they have the right answer to every problem. They don't like to admit they've made a mistake and when they do, they want to fix the blunder before anyone finds out they're only human--and that causes bigger problems. However, the word Defeat is not in the Nerd dictionary.

Anyone care to fess up and admit they've fallen for a Nerd before or maybe you married one!

Marin Thomas
A Cowboy's Promise (June 2009)
Samantha's Cowboy (August 2009)
A Cowboy Christmas (December 2009)


Leigh Duncan said...

Oooh, Marin, If all nerds looked like the guy on your cover, I'd take two. LOL. My seriously nerdy hubby looks a bit more like the cartoon at the top of your blog, but he's just as sweet as the guys in your column.

penney said...

Hi Marin I love the cover and for a nerd he is one sexy guy! I can't wait to read that one, I love your books,

Lee McKenzie said...

I'm in line for a nerd, right behind Leigh ;)

My current fav TV show is The Big Bang Theory, and I'm in awe of the writers. They've created four very different characters, and yet they're all nerds. Adorable, vulnerable and so lovable. Takes me back to my days in grad school!

Lee (fessing up that she's a bit of a nerd herself :)

Marin Thomas said...

Leigh & Penney

Thanks for stopping by. Seriously, I think there's a little bit of nerdiness in every man but some just won't admit it. I suppose most Nerds aren't like Wade on the cover of my book but, hey, it's a Harlequin romance. In real life though--true love wins over looks any day in my book!

Leigh--I love the big Bang Theory, too. I crack up out loud watching!


Minna said...

There's also another series about nerds. I think it was BBCs series, but right now I can't remember the name. Oh, have you checked out Vicki Lewis Thompson's nerd pages?

Estella said...

That is one sexy looking nerd!

Minna said...

I just remembered the name of the series: The IT Crowd.

Marin Thomas said...

Minna--Glad you mentioned Vicki's nerd pages--they're great! I'll have to check out her new IT Crowd series.

Estella--I agree, Wade is a hottie :-)


PamStone said...

Hi Marin,

Having been a tech a good portion of my career, I've worked with lots of nerds. Some of my best friends are nerds. What tickles me about them is that they listen to the problem, even when you don't think they are, and then hours or even days later come back and tell me the solution. They don't quit thinking until they figure it out. I had a group of nerdy techs go out for drinks after work and tell me all they talked about was one of the windows problems on one of my Finance User's PC. They solved it. They were so cute when they waltzed into my office with the answer.


Minna said...

Oh, IT Crowd is British tv series.

Lee McKenzie said...

Minna, thanks so much for sharing the title of that TV series.

The first two seasons are available at, and the reviews are fabulous!

I'll definitely check to see if the library or a local video store have the DVDs.

Marin Thomas said...

Pam, too funny about your friends at work--I agree, nerds never give up until the problem is solved--they make great employees.

Minna, sorry I misunderstood, the It Crowd is a TV series, then? I wonder if it's also available on Netflicks--will have to check...