Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Wanted: Christmas Movies and Books

Once again, our December is a hodgepodge of activities. While I love the busy-ness of it all, I can’t help but wish that just a little of it took place in say, April…when things at our house are really quiet. Luckily, this year I think I’m ready for the chaos. I put up our Christmas tree two weeks ago- much to my neighbors’dismay-and finished the Christmas cards last Sunday afternoon.

Why am I doing so much so early?

One reason. Wrestling and basketball season have begun.

As of last week, my daughter either has either cheer practice or a game four out of five school nights. My son has practice late every day, and each meal time is a constant give and take according to his weight. This Friday night, we’ll go to the basketball game and watch the cheerleaders. Saturday morning will take us to another gym, where we’ll spend way too many hours among a crew of sweating, spitting boys.

Ah, parenthood. Yes, we’ll love every minute of it. But all those sporting events makes me yearn for a bit of ‘Shelley’ activities.

In December, that means watching as many Christmas movies and reading as many Christmas themed books as I possibly can. While I’ve always loved Christmas movies-The Bishop’s Wife is my all time favorite-I’ve gotten pretty hooked on Hallmark Channel movies. Last Saturday night I watched Silver Bells. Have any of you seen that? I cried the whole last thirty minutes.

Christmas romances were the first type of Harlequins I ever read. I just finished Marin Thomas’s lovely The Cowboy and the Angel and Jillian Hart’s His Holiday Heart. My To-Be-Read pile includes more Harlequin Americans and a Regency anthology put out by Signet. Those books just make you feel good no matter what, I think.

Of course, I definitely need some more titles of books and movies-I can only take so many basketball games and wrestling meets! So, please chime in and give me some titles…either of favorite Christmas movies or books. I’d love an excuse to get to Borders Books.



Magdalena Scott said...

I notice there's a great sale going on at eHarlequin! I'm loading up my shopping cart. :)

Um...since you asked... As far as another Christmas book you'll enjoy, let me suggest A LEGENDARY CHRISTMAS, the newest anthology in the Ladies of Legend series. I'm one of the authors, along with Maddie James, Jan Scarbrough, and Janet Eaves. It's available at Amazon, and is published by Resplendence.

I read Debbie Macomber's A CEDAR COVE CHRISTMAS last week, and really enjoyed it. She has lots of neat references to the Biblical Christmas story. As an example, the heroine's name is MaryJo Wyse, and she has three brothers (the Wyse men)... Anyway, it is a lovely story and I would definitely recommend it!


Melissa said...

LOVE Christmas stories, especially cozy mysteries and romances.

On the romance side, so far this year I've read and enjoyed Season of Glory by Ron and Janet Benrey, It's That Time of Year by Christine Wenger and Marry Me Christmas by Shirley Jump. On my TBR pile is Stone Creek Christmas by Linda Lael Miller and A Daddy for Christmas by Laura Marie Altom.

shelley galloway said...

Hi Magdalena!
I'll hop on over to amazon and check out your anthology! It sounds great...congratulations on the book!
Actually, I've already read Debbie Macomber's latest. I loved it, too. Those Wysemen cracked me up!


shelley galloway said...

Thanks for the list!I wrote them all down! I haven't read any of those yet, though I do have Laura Marie's book in my TBR pile, too. You'll have to tell how Stone Creek Christmas is. I love those books.


Marin Thomas said...


Thank for reading my book--hope you enjoyed it. I envy you being able to go to basketball games and sit in the stands and cheer. I miss those days when my kids were playing what I call "bleacher" sports.

My daughter now plays golf and I'm usually 25 yards away from her at all times and "mums" the word when I walk the course and watch her.

Enjoy your kids'activities!

shelley galloway said...


Did neither of your kids pick up basketball from their mom? I was sure you'd be the team mom/assistant coach at the local high school!

I loved your book. I never can get over how well crafted your descriptions are. I kept wondering how Marin knows so much about Detriot!


Estella said...

I recommend Stone Creek Christmas by Linda Lael Miller. I just fionished reading it and enjoyed it .

shelley galloway said...

Okay Estella, It's now on my official Borders list!

Thanks so much for the recommendation!


Brook said...

Love to read Christmas related story books...