Sunday, November 30, 2008

Recharging the batteries

If you are reading this on my blog date of Nov. 30, I'm driving home from Kansas City. I took the weekend to visit with friends, do some shopping (post Black Friday) and brainstorm the plots for three new books. My younger daughter enjoyed the water park attached to the hotel.

We stayed at the Sheraton at the Kansas City Sports Complex. The place was crawling with Mizzou fans who were there for the Border Game against rival KU. Unfortunately the Tigers fell by three points in what was a very wet and miserable day for those in the open air stadium.

So this is a short blog post, rather like my short working vacation to recharge my batteries.



Ellen said...

I hope you enjoyed your stay and that your batteries got all charged up so we can have more wonderful books from you to read in the future.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! It was fun! The drive back wasn't great though, as we had lots of weather to deal with. When I left everyone was almost in shorts golfing. Today they were in parkas dusting the snow off cars.

I love Missouri! The three books I just plotted are all set here, as is the one I'm working on now. Time to go "home" for a while.