Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holidays and Blessings

'Twas a week before Christmas...


Time really does fly, doesn't it? It wasn't that long ago that the air conditioning was barely keeping us cool, and now we're hurtling toward the big day in a flurry of last minute activities. It's also the perfect time to think about the blessings of the past year and throughout our lives.

My best friend of forty-five years has a box made and given to her by her great-niece. Inside, it contains small pieces of paper and a pen. It's called a Blessings Box, and each time she thinks of something she's blessed with, she writes it down on one of the papers, folds it, and leaves it in the box. When she's feeling down, she goes to the box and reads the blessings she's written, remembering that even through the tough times, there are those small things that make us smile.

Although I've started painting my own Blessings Box, it isn't finished. I've made a mental list of the things I'll write and add to it when it is. The blessing of my family will be the first. Without them, life wouldn't be as joyful. My friends will be second. Without their humor, strength, and giving hearts, each day would be a little emptier. I'm blessed to have a career I love and readers who give me the opportunity to share my stories with. I'm sure before this holiday season is over, I'll think of many more to add to the list.

Holidays can be crazy times, but there are always a few blessings in each day, if we take the time to look close enough. Have a wonderfully happy and blessed holiday season!!

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EllenToo said...

What a wonderful idea a Blessings Box is. I may have to steal the idea for someone I love who has a tendency toward depression.